Saturday, 11 January 2014


And having gone through all the troubleshooting guide for blogger, I am STILL unable to post photos. I'm not sure what to do about it to be honest, it's most frustrating. There doesn't seem to be a helpline where you can speak to an actual person, even a paid line, just a load of troubleshooters which isn't helpful as they haven't worked. I even tried posting in another account... nada.

I dunno. Not sure what to do about it to be honest! I'm going to my mother's tomorrow as she seems to be able to post in hers, so I may at least know whether it's my BlogSpot settings, or my computer or what! If  can post photos from there we may have to do daily photoless updates and then a once a week photo-fest when I'm over at Mum's. Better than nothing, right? We'll see!

So anyway. Kittens are all fine, Mama is fine, Theo is disgruntled because I won't let him have any of the yummy kitten food I'm feeding Inds. He got into the nest the other day trying to get to the grub, which displeased Indigo quite a lot. There wasn't a fight, but she had a fair bit to say and none of it repeatable.

I thought I might do an update on each kitten very briefly. So:

Digory is a darling, getting very friendly now, and will often waddle over for a stroke at playtime. None of them have actually gotten out of the nest yet, but I am betting on Digory. He's a bit of an adventurer for all he screams at weighing time!

Caspian is still a little scrap, he's very agile though and tried to run today. Given he's not three weeks yet this went as well as could be expected and poor sillytail ended up on his side with a perplexed expression on his face. He's very keen on people and makes me laugh.

Jadis is a lovely big strong kitten, seems quite easygoing. She hasn't shown me much of her personality yet but I think she's going to be very sweet. She purrs at her Mama a lot... give her time and I'm sure she'll be purring for people too.

Lucy is the only kitten I definitely think is a mink, so it's interesting looking at her and thinking 'I wonder if you are going to be MY kitten?' Lucy is feisty and playful and has even been spotted doing some 'pouncing' (ie falling) and 'biting' (ie gumming) so I think she's going to be a lot of fun.

Aravis is another sweetheart. She has a very pretty face and is a bit shy but nevertheless is coming out of her shell. Time will tell what her personality will be like. She reminds me a bit of Kenneth (Alfie) from the REM's.

Susan is getting brave! Several times now she's come over and had several good sniffs of my hand without squealing. She's the biggest kitten, and the only other kitten I think could be mink- in some lights, in others the looks much darker. But I'm keeping a special eye on her too.

Jewel. Oh she is adorable. She sits on your lap, kneads with her tiny paws and licks your finger. She'll always pop over to say hello at playtime and likes to have her belly gently stroked. Not sure I've had a kitten so friendly so young, although Monty (Jonah) was... but she doesn't remind me of him especially, just of herself.

And that's the lot!

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