Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Girls, Girls, Girls

Three solid choc girls. All gorgeous, all cuddly, yet all so very different! Today's post is all about the girls- Aravis, Jadis and Jewel. Visits start this weekend... I wonder who will be chosen first?

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Oh, she is so sweet. She's a quiet girl, happy just to snuggle in your lap, giving you the look o' love. Then she'll sleep there. Then she'll wake up and give you love eyes again! The Teenager adores her, so do I. She's a little shy with strangers and is looking for a family who will appreciate her gentle soul, knowing she'll repay the love you give her in spades.

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Jadis was the first to purr, the first to take a nap in my arms, and is another lap dweller. She's more playful than Aravis, a lovely chunky cat who likes to follow up a bit of rough and tumble with a nice long cuddling session. She has a lovely purr and is friendly and confident with people, even those she doesn't know so well, so she'd do well in busier households as well as quieter ones.

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If you have been following the blog for a long time, or read back, Jewel is this litter's Wendell. She's a livewire, playing with her siblings, playing with toys, playing with her tail or her shadow, annoying playing with her Mama... Jewel is a lot of fun! She needs someone who will be able to give her lots of stimulation. Jewel is also very loving and is often the first into my lap at playtime. She's very demonstrative and will give licks and headrubs whenever she is feeling especially affectionate. Given her high energy, she would do best either as a sibling pair, or in a household with a lot going on so she can help/supervise!

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