Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Unicorns, I love them! (and stats)

Haha, OK so a Despicable Me litter would be awesome, right?

Meet Jewel

Jewel is only in the last Narnia book. She's a unicorn, and a very loyal and faithful friend.

Our Jewel is an extremely personable kitten. That isn't to say she 'enjoys' being handled too much at the moment- none of them do, but if I sit by the pen quietly, she and Caspian are likely to mosey on over to see what's up. Yesterday she explored my hand thoroughly, climbing on it, (well, 'falling' anyway) licking it, and sniffing for about 5 minutes before getting frightened and waddling back off to Mama. Such a brave little baby!

Stats time!

Birth: 84g
1 week:186g
2 weeks:264g
1 week:151g
2 weeks: 227g
1 week:185g
2 weeks:272g
1 week:171g
2 weeks: 263g
Birth: 84g
1 week:177g
2 weeks:248g
Birth: 90g
1 week:184g
2 weeks: 279g
Birth: 80g
1 week: 163g
2 weeks: 237g
Comparison by litter:
REM litter 83g-103g. Average 92g
Von Trapp litter 81g-102g. Average 91g
Narnian litter 72-90g. Average 83g
1 week
REM litter 182g-217g Average 195g
Von Trapp litter 150g- 205g. Average 175g
Narnian litter:151-186g. Average 174g

2 weeks REM litter 257g-294g, Average 272g
Von Trapp litter 220g- 280g, Average 240g
Narnian litter 227g-279g. Average 256g

Go Narnians!

They would have weighed more, but the past two days have seen piffling little weight gains as they all find their feet and burn off all those calories moving about. Their appetites have gone up and they are nursing voraciously, so in a few days Indigo's milk supply will have increased to meet demand, but until then I'm not expecting them to gain hugely every day. Being on the third litter now, it's a pattern I recognise. Aren't I calm about it this time? Although if anyone actually LOSES weight I'll be there with the KMR and no mistake. Of course when they start on solid food they have a big weight gain, so it evens out in the end.

Having said that, they have overtaken the VT's, although with them poor Inds was poorly and really struggling to eat enough to feed them at this stage. So it is perhaps an unfair comparison. I suspect, though, that as a litter the Narnians will be bigger as a whole, but whether they are as big as the REM's remains to be seen. A few of those REM's were absolute whoppers, especially since they got going on the solid food. Jonah and Kensey, I'm looking at YOU!

Inds seems to be managing the increased demands without exhaustion, this time. So far, anyway. She is on four 'snacks' a day, a snack comprising of a full sachet of kitten food, or some canned kitten food, or chicken or ham. She gets a good squirt of a stinky brown vitamin squidge called nutri plus gel per day, and she also has a well filled bowl of kitten kibble. Added to that she's drinking a lot of water, and she's also been out to investigate the others' bowls too- not nearly as interesting as hers, I hasten to add. So she's fine.

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