Saturday, 4 January 2014

Queen Lucy

Of course! We had to have a Lucy!

Lucy is the youngest Pevensie child, and we meet her first in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Lucy is the first to enter Narnia through the wardrobe, and we see her in several other books, too.

Here she is:

Incidentally, the position she's in? That's how they move at the moment, splayed out, shunting their bodies along the ground with opposite feet. It's almost a snakelike motion, only no snake would dream of wobbling as much. They are developing strength rapidly, and when in the nest can push up quite nicely on their front paws to look about, but moving remains caterpillar like, for now. Oh, and their tails go ramrod stiff and quiver, too, as they walk. It's clearly a big effort for them at the moment and it seems amazing that in a month or so they will be agile young kittens, rough and tumbling with their siblings as if they had been doing it forever.


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  1. I guess it is the feline version of crawling! She looks very sweet, just like the original Lucy.