Monday, 24 December 2012

Plenty Of Room At The Inn

This is the cats' other present- a lovely wooden cat cubby thingummyjig with a useless but adorable verandah. I picked it up for half price sometime in the summer. Merry Christmas, mogs.
I set it up yesterday morning. So naturally the cats have all given it a wide berth. Bag of washing, shopping, something breakable? Snoopervision from every whiskered being in the house. Something specifically FOR the cats? Ignore, ignore, ignore. But of course. *rolls eyes*
I suspect there might be more interest tomorrow though. Santa's gonna sprinkle it with catnip tonight. That ought to get the girls going at any rate. Ho, Ho, Ho!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Theo approves of his new reindeer cat bed

Indigo takes a turn

In fact they have all slept in this bed since I got it out a week ago, so I am declaring it a success. They have another present too.... a bigger one... I can't wait till they see it!
Merry Christmas from us all here :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ten things about Sofia

Sweet silly Sofie!

1) She loves to drink out of taps. Any tap will do. Yes, they have several dishes of water available at all times... lol

2) She also loves to hang out in the sink. I clean my sink a lot, it's usually hairy!

3) If you leave an unattended glass, she will drink from it. If it's too empty for her to get to the water, she'll stick her paw in and lick the water from that. Sometimes she'll knock it over, accidentally, whereupon she'll run away, with a 'wasn't me' air, but frequently will return- spilled water is easily drinkable!

4) If I am in the bath, she likes me to trickle water onto her head (are you sensing a watery theme here? I'll write some non-watery things next)

5) Sofia's first name was Batman, they thought she was a boy. Needless to say I didn't keep that name!

6) Sofia loves to rub her head against you and wrap your leg in her tail. She's not cuddly, but she's very affectionate.

7) Unless it's slipped my mind, I think Sofia is the only one I've never had a health worry with- all her appointments have been routine matters. She's a bit portly but that's all. No, Fate, i am not asking for any health issues thank you...

8) Sofia's a demon with the feather teaser. She loves to play.

9) She was the runt of the litter, noticeably smaller than her siblings. You wouldn't guess to look at her now!

10) Sofia trills sometimes, and purrs loudly, but rarely have I heard her meow. The first time she did was when she was having her temperature taken. Rectally. I don't blame her for protesting, really!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What Book?

Weren't reading that, were you? Thought not...

Once again, we are the House of Plague and have taken to our beds. Indigo is very happy about this state of affairs, and has spent much of her time snuggled in beside me. Or on me, or more likely on my book! It can't be comfortable...

Things are calmish, though. The living room is back in service, so the cats have a bit more breathing space. Inds isn't happy about going into her room at night, and a nightly 'chase' ensues, followed by indignant meowing when she finds herself incarcerated. She'll get used to it soon, I'm sure. I feel bad, but the other cats are more relaxed, they were starting to show signs of stress- the beginnings of a peeathon, and Theo started chewing far more than he usually does- including right through my favourite bra!!!

I am starting to think 'kitten' again now, not sure if I'm going to mate Inds soon after Christmas, or in the autumn. Probably I will wait till the autumn as summer is always a busier time for me, but we will see. It's nice having them in the winter. The past two Decembers we've had little fat squeaking sausages around, it seems very odd not to be doing so this year, and January and February always seems to be a good time for placing kittens in homes, as there are fewer of them available. I miss not having them now. But I'm glad of it, given our general state of germiness!

Ok, heading back to my pit. Hope everyone is having a better week than we are :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cooped Up


I'm in the process of decorating my living room. Painting and decorating is not a skill of mine, so there has been much muttering and general chaos while I've blundered my way through it all.
The cats have had no access to the living room, and... well I am more than ready for that to change. They've all been more or less living in my room. Indigo has been getting very possessive of me at night- none of the other cats have dared to get on the bed, because Indigo curls, troll like, under the covers, waiting to see off any interlopers as noisily as she dares. Indigo is perfectly Ok having less space and not being sequestered in the living room overnight, in fact she probably thinks it's brilliant to be in my bedroom at night, I don't think she misses her own space one bit, but none of the other cats are happy with the arrangement. And I'm definitely not happy with 3am yowls and howls, they seem so much worse than daytime ones for some reason.
Poor Ava is also getting the raw end of the deal, as she isn't getting a break from Indigo. She's just been keeping out of her way, which means she's been keeping out of MY way too. I've been making a point of seeking her out for some fuss, but then along comes Indigo and off runs Ava. Although they are currently within a metre of each other and not fighting.
All in all though, I'm pleased at how they've all managed- plan B was to take Inds to the kennels for a few days, they would have space this time of year, but that hasn't been necessary. Which is good, really! Much better than where we were last month, anyway.
I was speaking to a friend of the boyfriend the other day. P has a couple of Bengal cats. One is a very dominant personality, much like Inds, the other shy and nervous, much like Ava. He asked how many cat toilets we had, which is 6 so we're OK there, but also how many feeding stations. We have two, plus seperate water, which I thought was OK for 4 cats given three of them eat happily from the same bowl (and then there's Indigo. lol) but he suggested adding another. Interesting, I may try that. Worth a go eh?