Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cooped Up


I'm in the process of decorating my living room. Painting and decorating is not a skill of mine, so there has been much muttering and general chaos while I've blundered my way through it all.
The cats have had no access to the living room, and... well I am more than ready for that to change. They've all been more or less living in my room. Indigo has been getting very possessive of me at night- none of the other cats have dared to get on the bed, because Indigo curls, troll like, under the covers, waiting to see off any interlopers as noisily as she dares. Indigo is perfectly Ok having less space and not being sequestered in the living room overnight, in fact she probably thinks it's brilliant to be in my bedroom at night, I don't think she misses her own space one bit, but none of the other cats are happy with the arrangement. And I'm definitely not happy with 3am yowls and howls, they seem so much worse than daytime ones for some reason.
Poor Ava is also getting the raw end of the deal, as she isn't getting a break from Indigo. She's just been keeping out of her way, which means she's been keeping out of MY way too. I've been making a point of seeking her out for some fuss, but then along comes Indigo and off runs Ava. Although they are currently within a metre of each other and not fighting.
All in all though, I'm pleased at how they've all managed- plan B was to take Inds to the kennels for a few days, they would have space this time of year, but that hasn't been necessary. Which is good, really! Much better than where we were last month, anyway.
I was speaking to a friend of the boyfriend the other day. P has a couple of Bengal cats. One is a very dominant personality, much like Inds, the other shy and nervous, much like Ava. He asked how many cat toilets we had, which is 6 so we're OK there, but also how many feeding stations. We have two, plus seperate water, which I thought was OK for 4 cats given three of them eat happily from the same bowl (and then there's Indigo. lol) but he suggested adding another. Interesting, I may try that. Worth a go eh?

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  1. My boys usually have a dish each. But because there is an age gap and they need different amounts of food I dont mind if the younger ones push the older ones out of the way.