Monday, 21 January 2013


There's been plenty of this in the Indikon household in the past few days. Radiators have become fiercely defended hangouts and activity has ground to a halt. Soft southern housecats, the lot of them...

Indigo, in particular will scarcely allow me to sit down without her climbing all over me. I'd be flattered, but I know it's only because I'm warmer than the bed! Still, it's quite pleasant, unless I'm trying to work and then it becomes rather less so. Indigo can be VERY persistant, and being a pampered princess doesn't help, 'no' doesn't seem to exist in her vocabulary.

Brrr. Can't wait for the spring. Stay warm everyone!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bad Girls, Bad Girls...

Ava looks THRILLED doesn't she? Hehe.
Yes, I have all three girls in one picture. For about 30 seconds. The camera never lies they say, but it can be deceptive. This is how it happened.
Indigo got into bed with Ava.
Ava made some not very happy, growly noises.
Sofia sidled up, sniffed Ava, and settled down on her other side (not in the bed though).
I took a photo.
Sofia thought better of it, and sidled off.
Ava decided she wasn't happy either and stood up.
Then Indigo bit her in the leg, and it all descended into anarchy!
Oh well!

Monday, 14 January 2013

They're At It Again

Inds, looking very smug

My goodness. Seems the cold weather is addling my cats' brains somewhat as once again Indigo has climbed into a cat bed with Ava. I may have encouraged her a little, but she got in of her own accord. She even tried grooming Ava a little, but Ava said grrrrrrrrrrmeowwwwrrrrr so Inds backed off on that one. (yes, backed off, not thwapped her or growled back...)

Inds is purring.. Ava is... well, I suspect Ava is seething, she doesn't look too happy and the looks she is shooting Indigo are most unsisterly. But she hasn't moved and she can move pretty quickly when she chooses to. So, y'know... she's OK.

And they've been there for half an hour now.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Battling The Bulge

I went for a bridesmaid's dress fitting today. I've put on four or five pounds since the last one and... well anyway. The dress will have to be let out somewhat. The dressmaker announced to the bride and other maids that I'd eaten too many mince pies over Christmas... oh it was embarassing. Fortunately the bride, my friend J, loves me for me and not the narrowness- or otherwise- of my hips!!!

She said what now????

Indigo is also struggling to keep her weight down. Ok, I am, I don't think she cares one way or the other hehe.

In order to get Ava's weight up I've had to make sure there is food available for her at all times. She isn't a big eater and will graze rather than make a big meal. Unfortunately this means there's food around for Indigo all day as well. Indigo goes into the lounge overnight with half a sachet of wet food- which she gobbles straight away- and a dish of water, she has no other food until 9 or 10 hours later and absolutely no treats. She gets plenty of stimulation and is an active cat but even with all that reducing her seems an unattainable goal.

*sigh*... I know the feeling. Sofia now, she seems to have settled into a slightly plump middle age. 18 months or so ago she was really quite chubby, so perhaps there's hope for Indigo? Me, I think I am beyond redemption. Bring on the pies...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

World Domination

When my friend saw this photo, she asked 'why do cats always look like they are plotting evil plans to take over the world?'

I replied 'this one probably is'...

Looks very pretty while she does it though!

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Entry written several days ago- have managed to upload photos another way but NOT COOL blogger, please to fix your upload function asap!

Yesterday, Indigo did this...

Nope... you aren't seeing things. Indigo was faffing around on my desk, tromping over the mouse and keyboard as she does and acting like she wanted something. I thought she wanted to go on the windowsill, which, being lazy cats, they find unable to do unless I hold the curtain up for them. Of course when I am out of the room they manage just fine without any help. Little... dears.

Anyway, that wasn't it. Inds then very carefully got into the cat bed whilst Ava was in it. They were actually touching. Truth be told. Ava looked appalled, and neither of them 'relaxed' as such. Inds was twitchy, they were watchful and their ears were alert- Ava's were somewhat flattened. I say watchful, they glanced round at each other regularly but were careful not to make actual eye contact.

They stayed in there for a good ten minutes. I suspect they might have been there longer if I hadn't needed the loo, Ava clearly wasn't happy about staying there if I wasn't there too! Plus there was a new cardboard box on the bed she hadn't investigated yet. So up she got, but again, there was no hissing or smacking.

As if that wasn't enough, Sofia watched the whole proceeeding with interest, and snuggled down a metre away on the bed!

Ava and Indigo used to be close. Indigo had a rocky beginning here as a kitten, it took a LONG time to integrate her but she did develop quite a strong bond with Ava, snuggling in bed with her and Ava used to wash her ears. Ava has a thing about ears.Then Indigo got big and bolshy and it all deteriorated from there really. Inds is nearly 4 now though, could she possibly be mellowing with age?

Hah- the way she'd behaved today, somehow I have my doubts!!!

Friday, 4 January 2013

I have something very exciting

to share with you (ok, it's not THAT exciting, but to me it is) and of course blogger WILL NOT LET ME UPLOAD ANY PHOTOS.... dammit!

*and breathe*

will try again tomorrow.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kittens In Print

I treated myself to a little something recently. It occured to me that kittens don't always 'perform' when you want them to. Usually because they are sleeping, or feeding, or occasionally one is a little shy and needs 5 minutes to collect themselves before they feel brave enough to venture out for a nosey. I'm not talking about older kittens, by then they are drawn to visitors like a magnet, showing off coming naturally by then. I'm talking about the 5 or 6 week old ones, when people are starting to come and view. They can still be a little shy then. Well, they are only babies.
So anyway, I've bought myself a couple of photo books, one for each of our litters, so if this does happen, they can have a look through the books and see piccies of previous litters while I reassure/ wake up the babies. Also it's interesting. Tonks come in so many colours I'd be interested in seeing what previous kittens looked like if I was considering a new kitten.
I've been meaning to do this for a while, and have been keeping my eye out for the sales. There are lots of sites that do these books, Vistaprint happened to have their A4 book half price on Boxing Day so I jumped at the chance- they aren't exactly cheap even half price. They all have periodic special offers though- I'm not promoting Vistaprint especially!! I will say though I did find their online book design process very easy to do. Time consuming, but not difficult.

Anyway they arrived today, and I'm delighted with them. Each book has a double page for each kitten, plus one for Mama and the few remaining pages general photos. They aren't thick books, about 24 pages- you can buy more pages of course, up to 100 I believe, but I didn't. You can go really swish with glossy pages, lie flat pages and even leather covers, but of course you pay for that. Mine were the basic models, no extras, but are very nice and I'm definitely going to make them for future litters.
I made several orders with Vistaprint as I wanted some business cards and some other bits, and may have taken advantages of a few freebies being offered... they haven't arrived yet but will show them off when they do!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Peace On Earth, And Goodwill To All Cats

Whoops... this was meant to post on Christmas Day. Oh well, better late than never...
I walked in on this shocking scene the other day. I can't say either Sofia or Indigo were precisely relaxed, both were obviously still on their guard, but they weren't growling or yowling or facing off.
I nearly keeled over fromm the shock... but ran for my camera instead.
Must be all that catnip.

And A Grumpy New Year

Ava would like to wish you all the best for 2013. And for me to get that darned camera out of her face.