Sunday, 6 January 2013


Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Entry written several days ago- have managed to upload photos another way but NOT COOL blogger, please to fix your upload function asap!

Yesterday, Indigo did this...

Nope... you aren't seeing things. Indigo was faffing around on my desk, tromping over the mouse and keyboard as she does and acting like she wanted something. I thought she wanted to go on the windowsill, which, being lazy cats, they find unable to do unless I hold the curtain up for them. Of course when I am out of the room they manage just fine without any help. Little... dears.

Anyway, that wasn't it. Inds then very carefully got into the cat bed whilst Ava was in it. They were actually touching. Truth be told. Ava looked appalled, and neither of them 'relaxed' as such. Inds was twitchy, they were watchful and their ears were alert- Ava's were somewhat flattened. I say watchful, they glanced round at each other regularly but were careful not to make actual eye contact.

They stayed in there for a good ten minutes. I suspect they might have been there longer if I hadn't needed the loo, Ava clearly wasn't happy about staying there if I wasn't there too! Plus there was a new cardboard box on the bed she hadn't investigated yet. So up she got, but again, there was no hissing or smacking.

As if that wasn't enough, Sofia watched the whole proceeeding with interest, and snuggled down a metre away on the bed!

Ava and Indigo used to be close. Indigo had a rocky beginning here as a kitten, it took a LONG time to integrate her but she did develop quite a strong bond with Ava, snuggling in bed with her and Ava used to wash her ears. Ava has a thing about ears.Then Indigo got big and bolshy and it all deteriorated from there really. Inds is nearly 4 now though, could she possibly be mellowing with age?

Hah- the way she'd behaved today, somehow I have my doubts!!!

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