Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kittens In Print

I treated myself to a little something recently. It occured to me that kittens don't always 'perform' when you want them to. Usually because they are sleeping, or feeding, or occasionally one is a little shy and needs 5 minutes to collect themselves before they feel brave enough to venture out for a nosey. I'm not talking about older kittens, by then they are drawn to visitors like a magnet, showing off coming naturally by then. I'm talking about the 5 or 6 week old ones, when people are starting to come and view. They can still be a little shy then. Well, they are only babies.
So anyway, I've bought myself a couple of photo books, one for each of our litters, so if this does happen, they can have a look through the books and see piccies of previous litters while I reassure/ wake up the babies. Also it's interesting. Tonks come in so many colours I'd be interested in seeing what previous kittens looked like if I was considering a new kitten.
I've been meaning to do this for a while, and have been keeping my eye out for the sales. There are lots of sites that do these books, Vistaprint happened to have their A4 book half price on Boxing Day so I jumped at the chance- they aren't exactly cheap even half price. They all have periodic special offers though- I'm not promoting Vistaprint especially!! I will say though I did find their online book design process very easy to do. Time consuming, but not difficult.

Anyway they arrived today, and I'm delighted with them. Each book has a double page for each kitten, plus one for Mama and the few remaining pages general photos. They aren't thick books, about 24 pages- you can buy more pages of course, up to 100 I believe, but I didn't. You can go really swish with glossy pages, lie flat pages and even leather covers, but of course you pay for that. Mine were the basic models, no extras, but are very nice and I'm definitely going to make them for future litters.
I made several orders with Vistaprint as I wanted some business cards and some other bits, and may have taken advantages of a few freebies being offered... they haven't arrived yet but will show them off when they do!


  1. Looking forward to seeing them.
    J x

  2. This is a great idea, not just for your memories but to show to prospective mums and dads!