Saturday, 12 January 2013

Battling The Bulge

I went for a bridesmaid's dress fitting today. I've put on four or five pounds since the last one and... well anyway. The dress will have to be let out somewhat. The dressmaker announced to the bride and other maids that I'd eaten too many mince pies over Christmas... oh it was embarassing. Fortunately the bride, my friend J, loves me for me and not the narrowness- or otherwise- of my hips!!!

She said what now????

Indigo is also struggling to keep her weight down. Ok, I am, I don't think she cares one way or the other hehe.

In order to get Ava's weight up I've had to make sure there is food available for her at all times. She isn't a big eater and will graze rather than make a big meal. Unfortunately this means there's food around for Indigo all day as well. Indigo goes into the lounge overnight with half a sachet of wet food- which she gobbles straight away- and a dish of water, she has no other food until 9 or 10 hours later and absolutely no treats. She gets plenty of stimulation and is an active cat but even with all that reducing her seems an unattainable goal.

*sigh*... I know the feeling. Sofia now, she seems to have settled into a slightly plump middle age. 18 months or so ago she was really quite chubby, so perhaps there's hope for Indigo? Me, I think I am beyond redemption. Bring on the pies...

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