Sunday, 28 July 2013


 Ava and Sofia are pretty sure they need some of what I'm eating...

Morning! Oof, it's hot. Well, it's sticky anyway. I'm sure the cats are holding me personally responsible for this, given the glares I've been getting as they melt into puddles on the floor, the bed, the sofa and pretty much anywhere else they can find. It hasn't sweetened anyone's temper either, and Sofia and Indigo have had a few run ins over the past few days.

I've been going through old posts and labelling them properly, over the last few days. When blogger changed its design (grr) it became less easy to do this, or rather, it isn't hard, but the label setting is hidden and you have to click on it, which I rarely remember to do. It's not hard but it is a good deal less instinctive, I suppose I am saying. Anyway there was about 18 months worth of labelling to do.

Which of course took me right through the whole reintegration shenanigans, thinking Indigo couldn't possibly stay here, as things stood, and Ava getting thin as a rake with all the stress. Many times I was ready to give up... but nearly a year on, we've reached, touch wood, a more or less peaceful existence. And Ava, I think, is a normal weight. She hasn't been weighed for a while, but she looks normal for her- skinny rather than anorexic.

So a few cat fights isn't likely to bother me. Indigo is off the Ovarid now though, and we're waiting for it to leave her system so she can go into heat. That always provokes a few fireworks (and pees... or worse... grr) so we'll have to see how the shaky truce bears up.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Well, thanks...

Theo, Theo, Theo. I let you out into the big wide world and how do you repay me? Ruddy fleas, that's how!!!

You're welcome...

I was at the vets today with Theo and Indigo, getting their yearly boosters, and they gave me the bad news. Flea dirt in the fluff! Goodness, says I, but Indigo is allergic to flea bites and usually comes up in great big lumps, and then stopped short as I felt a great big lump right on the top of her head that I SWEAR wasn't there this morning. How very embarrassing.

Fortunately I always keep flea treatment supplies, so was able to treat them the moment I got home. Used the last of it though, so went online to order more. Goodness, but it is expensive! I usually Frontline, because it's so widely available, but going to try generic fipramil (the stuff in Frontline), and am seriously considering buying in bulk. I bulk buy food and litter, after all. You can get 6 Frontlines for about £20 (including p+p) if you look, that's around £3.50 a go, but in shops I've seen it sell for twice that. I have, however, just seen a bulk buy case of 60 for just over £2 a go, which would last my lot a year assuming I keep a kitten from this year's litter. I don't know what the shelf life is though, so have ordered a smaller box for now, not much good getting a year's supply if they only keep for four months.

You know when someone talks about head lice, and suddenly your head is itchy? I'm like that with fleas. I know full well people can't get cat fleas, but I am itching all over at the mere thought!! Oh well, Boil wash the bedding, spray the cat trees, go through the whole shebang, guess I'm going to have to get used to it now I have an outside cat!

On a better and absolutely less itchy note, Indigo has more or less stayed the same weight since her last visit, which hasn't been for some time. Hurrah! She hasn't lost any, so is still too heavy, but at least there's none on. And she's absolutely in the pink of health, so I can go ahead and mate her with no worries at all.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Out And About

Theo, off having an adventure- sort of. His first trip he followed me around, not quite understanding he could go his own way now!

Ok, so Theo is now GPSsed and out in the big wide world. I chose a Pawtrax Mini system and signed up to a web platform thing too for a flat rate of £30 (I think) per year. This seemed to combine the best of both worlds, some GPS systems asked for that per month which would have been beyond my means, the devices themselves are expensive enough! On the other hand, I do actually want to be able to track him, not just make something beep when I need to find him, so it seemed the best deal. There are quite a few to choose from.

So far he hasn't done anything particularly outlandish! He's had a wander through the neighbour's flat, had a kip under the car, and even ventured to the pavement, only to rush home again when *gasp* some people got out of their car. He climbed a tree half way and then thought better of it, oh and he's eaten a lot of grass. Silly old puss.

Must try and get a photo of the unit. He's so fluffy you can't see that he has a collar, tag, jingly bell and a lighter sized box under there.

No more walking the cat :(

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Come Home, Sulley

****** SULLEY HAS NOW BEEN FOUND!!!! *******

Anyone in, or knowing someone in the Swadlincote area, please pass this on:

LOST- Swadlincote, Midway Rd, Eureka Rd area.  Please contact

Sulley is a blue solid Tonkinese, 18 months old, castrated and microchipped, very friendly and vocal. He went out into the garden, went over the fence and still hasn't come back, he is a house cat and this is his first time exploring.

He is very distinctive due to his size- he’s a big chunk of a cat- and due to a birth injury he walks a bit like John Wayne. Della’s five year old foster son is inconsolable at the moment as they are best friends and spend all day getting into mischief together. Please share with anyone you know in the area so we can get him home as soon as possible