Thursday, 30 May 2013

Boxes, Boxes

We're still overrun with them. The cats love them so much I haven't had the heart to cart any to the recycling, although I will have to soon as we are running out of space!
Ava especially is a boxoholic, and the snugger the better. This one is perfect. Low- sided enough so as not to obscure vision (important with a bratty little brother lurking ready to pounce) yet high enough to feel nice and enclosed.
I HAVE FINISHED MY COURSE!!!! Yay! Oh my word, I'm pleased of the break. Of course, it's too rainy to do much allotmenting (soft Southerner!) so I have just been curling up with a book and a cat instead, and it's been lovely. Nothing like a soft purry furry animal to relax you- but I don't need to tell any of my readers that!
Fingers crossed for some sunshine. You all have a good week. x

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Any position is comfortable when you're this furry.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Indigo can be a right pest at times but my goodness, she's beautiful.

The weather, however, is decidedly unbeautiful. Four grumpy cats skulk around the house by day, unable to find a puddle of sunshine to curl up in. It's a rough life, being a cat.  I took pity on them earlier and put the heating on- it's blooming cold! As in, really, really cold. I'm sure it's illegal to be this cold in May. Isn't it?

I got several packages in the mail today- nothing cat related but that didn't worry them, what they wanted was the boxes. They have all napped in at least one box at least once today. It's been a lot of napping, but to be honest it's been that kind of day. If I didn't have a Tesco order coming I may have taken to my bed too!


Stay warm x

Sunday, 5 May 2013


... with my apologies. This is what I have been doing...
... and when I haven't been doing that, I've been studying. I've got my final assignment to hand in later this week, and in a few more weeks, the end of course portfolio. 100 lines of original poetry and a commentary doesn't SOUND a lot, does it, but believe me when I say each poem will take many hours of editing, pondering, agonizing, editing again and so on before they are fit for the examiner to see, and that's only the ones that made it past the rough draft stage.
And then bliss! Three and a half months of glorious holiday before I start again. Next course is a Level 3 and involves  even longer assignments and not exactly a dissertation but an even bigger and more involved portfolio of work. Erm... help?
I'm not allowed to 'publish'- even on here- anything I'm using in the course, naturally. But this one didn't get past the initial phases. So I am not using it, and that means I can do what I like! It's cat related, so here it is. (With all the provisos about copyright and intellectual property and so on (I use the word 'intellectual' somewhat advisedly, but basically, ask if you want to send it to your granny or something... don't copy it without my permission!)

You’re in the shadows
and with the turn of a lock
a tail disappears.
As if you must hide
your joy, you turn around and
scrape claws on the couch.

Oh bottom- presenter,
slant eyed, my purring, whiskered
fiend, I missed you too.