Monday, 4 March 2013

The Circle Of Life

It's been a fraught couple of weeks. All is fine with the cats, and my title, sorry, doesn't indicate there are kittens on the way. Life's been in the way though, so I thought I'd go a bit Lion King for a moment. All together now..... from the day we arrive on the planet....

A friend of mine, V, has been fighting ovarian cancer, the same cancer that struck her mother and her sister; and like her mother and sister she lost the fight. She was buried last week in a quiet ceremony with many tears. It was early, as relatives had to fly back, the snow fell gently, it was bitterly cold.  Ovarian cancer is one of those cancers that is virtually undetectable until the latter stages, and survival rates are not good. It's made me incredibly thankful for my grandmother, still with us after her own brush with this particular cancer 19 or so years ago.

V had always admired my gardening shenanigans. I'd planted some flower bulbs, in the hope of bringing her a steady supply over the summer. They were the first thing I planted this year.  I'd say something trite and comforting at this point if I could, but I don't believe in an afterlife. She won't be able to see them anyway, sitting on a little fluffy cloud and twanging a harp (she was more of a wine and cigarette girl anyway!). I do believe she knew she was loved though, flowers or no flowers. I hope that was a comfort to her in her last days.

On the day of the funeral, later on, I visited my friend Y to meet her very new grandson. It was a perfect antidote to a funeral. There's something very healing about baby cuddles, and seeing the love and happiness all around. And another new life, in a way... between my friend's death and funeral, a dear friend was married. I was bridesmaid, and despite being incredibly nervous AND managing to fall up the church steps (yes...) it was a lovely day. Funny how things balance each other up.

And move forward. Today I was delighted to see the flower bulbs, V's flowers, have begun to sprout. The sun came out today so I took myself out front to plant the garlic, and there they were, little green and purple shoots, tentatively poking through the soil. Perfect.

Oh, and because no entry would be complete without cats, I thought I might just share with you that this happened...

Briefly. Before they resumed trying to murder each other. But still, for a brief few moments there was purring, there was butt sniffing, there was even the touching of noses. OMG!!!!!