Friday, 31 August 2012


Indigo has taken to 'trapping' one of the girls- almost always Sofia- in some high place, then sitting, troll-like, underneath. Which effectively means Sofia can't get down without being attacked.

Horrid little brute. Isn't she looking smug here?
Honestly, Indigo is being a pain. I've clipped her claws, so she can't do a lot of damage, but even so, it's pretty unpleasant at the moment, and all the cats are relieved when, at night, she gets put into the living room and the door shut. 
Reintegration is going swimmingly then. Someone tell me why I started this?????

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Uh oh

This is not the companionable scene it looks...

and other unmentionable language...

Indigo makes herself as big and as intimidating as possible by hunching herself up and yowling
This is a typical scene, Indigo is always the aggressor. But she doesn't get it all her own way. In the above scene, Sofia lay there and growled, glared, spat etc, in response to Indigo's most unladylike language, but she wasn't about to budge. Indeed it was Indigo in the end who had to back down, slinking off to the bed to wash herself in an attempt to preserve her dignity.
Sofia rarely backs down... she just holds her ground and growls.
I have to say my sympathies are entirely with Sofia, and I'm glad she's holding her own. There were some nasty fights yesterday though, and I'm going to need to clip claws, well Indigo's claws anyway. Today seems calmer, although of course I couldn't leave any of them alone together. Indigo and Ava even had a tentative butt-sniffing session earlier, which was remarkably friendly considering, but then Indigo spoiled the mood.
Speaking of Ava, she's lost a further 200g, despite me attempting to feed her up :( Vets next week, she's getting a bit bony now despite seeming fit and well. 200g in a month is a lot to lose for a cat who was thin to begin with...

Monday, 27 August 2012

My Bed

(with apologies to Tracey Emin!)

Well they may be occupying the same space...
But the attitude is far from sisterly!

Well, much as I'd love to say how swimmingly well its all going, and how they are all snuggled up together happily, well frankly no, it isn't. But, you know, it's OK. Indigo is starting as many stand offs as she can, but the other two are holding their ground and not letting her bully them.

There have been yowls, growls and hisses aplenty. Purrs have been a bit few and far between though. Hoping for a few more of them soon.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

8 hours in...

... and there's been a fair bit of bad language and some stand-offs... but no actual blood.


Stand by for another thrilling installment tomorrow!

Friday, 24 August 2012


Yes... that's Ava and Sofia, in 'Indigo's' room....
We've been on holiday, and Ava and Sofia, as the well behaved residents of the household, were permitted to stay at home while I was away. (Ok, so one of them puked on my bed, but that's small beans compared to what Indigo managed the one- only- time I left HER. *shudder*) They were given the run of the house, and they loved it. It's made me feel bad all over again for keeping them confined.
And to be honest, it's very awkward pandering to the whims of one awkward Tonk. I mean, I don't mind, but it's a pain, and I'd rather not. She isn't the only one in this household!
So, when Inds and Theo come home from the cattery tomorrow, I'm going to have another shot at reintroducing them all. Indigo has been making concerted efforts to get into my room of late, and stakes out the shut door... and Sofia does the same when Inds door is shut. Ava calls to Indigo through the door, and... oh I don't know. Maybe they've all grown up enough now to get along better?
So tomorrow, I'm off to stock up on the Feliway, collect the cats, and... see. I'll still seperate them at night and if I go out, and I expect Indigo will spend most of the day under my bed anyway. Sofia will spend it up the cat tree, and if they both spend a few hours sans food, then they can both live with that lol.
You just know it's all going to go wrong, don't you?
We'll see.


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Real Tartar

Ok, no she isn't, she's my lovely snuggly puss who spends nighttimes curled up on my chest purring happily. But she does have tartar, and in her not too distant future, assuming it carries on building up, lies a trip to the vet, a general anaesthesia, and a jolly good scrape of the teeth to get it all off. Poor Ava.

(and poor me- dental treatment isn't covered by insurance!)

I'm not surprised one of the cats is needing this, it's an incredibly common issue in cats which is of course why the insurance companies won't cover it. As cats get older, too, they are more likely to need treatment, which means as my cat population ages, trips like the above will occur again. No, I'm just surprised its Ava! Indigo now, Inds has had a grumbling, mild (and I do mean mild) gingivitis for a while now, (Tonks are one of the breeds rather prone to this) and I would have expected it to be her to have teeth issues. Theo has a teeny patch of gingivitis on one side too, just round one tooth. But Ava has never had any hint of teeth issues.

But there- humans need the dentist every now and then and so it seems do mogs. Oh well, when they need the treatment they will have it. Inds gingivitis isn't affecting her at present, it looks mildly sore, but they aren't swollen, bleeding or- clearly- interfering with her eating in any way (lol) so she's fine, and Ava's tartar will be monitored and dealt with when appropriate. Theo seems OK. As for Sofia's? Practically perfect in every way. Perfect teeth, perfect gums, absolutely beautiful.