Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Uh oh

This is not the companionable scene it looks...

and other unmentionable language...

Indigo makes herself as big and as intimidating as possible by hunching herself up and yowling
This is a typical scene, Indigo is always the aggressor. But she doesn't get it all her own way. In the above scene, Sofia lay there and growled, glared, spat etc, in response to Indigo's most unladylike language, but she wasn't about to budge. Indeed it was Indigo in the end who had to back down, slinking off to the bed to wash herself in an attempt to preserve her dignity.
Sofia rarely backs down... she just holds her ground and growls.
I have to say my sympathies are entirely with Sofia, and I'm glad she's holding her own. There were some nasty fights yesterday though, and I'm going to need to clip claws, well Indigo's claws anyway. Today seems calmer, although of course I couldn't leave any of them alone together. Indigo and Ava even had a tentative butt-sniffing session earlier, which was remarkably friendly considering, but then Indigo spoiled the mood.
Speaking of Ava, she's lost a further 200g, despite me attempting to feed her up :( Vets next week, she's getting a bit bony now despite seeming fit and well. 200g in a month is a lot to lose for a cat who was thin to begin with...


  1. My sympathies are with Sofia too really. I'm glad she held her ground. I suppose Theo is being the typical male and keeping well out of it.

    Worried about Ava though. :0(

  2. Sounds like you are having fun and games! Hope Ava is ok fingers crossed how old is she?

    1. Only 4, that's just it, it's not as if she's an old cat or even middle aged. She's still pretty young.