Friday, 24 August 2012


Yes... that's Ava and Sofia, in 'Indigo's' room....
We've been on holiday, and Ava and Sofia, as the well behaved residents of the household, were permitted to stay at home while I was away. (Ok, so one of them puked on my bed, but that's small beans compared to what Indigo managed the one- only- time I left HER. *shudder*) They were given the run of the house, and they loved it. It's made me feel bad all over again for keeping them confined.
And to be honest, it's very awkward pandering to the whims of one awkward Tonk. I mean, I don't mind, but it's a pain, and I'd rather not. She isn't the only one in this household!
So, when Inds and Theo come home from the cattery tomorrow, I'm going to have another shot at reintroducing them all. Indigo has been making concerted efforts to get into my room of late, and stakes out the shut door... and Sofia does the same when Inds door is shut. Ava calls to Indigo through the door, and... oh I don't know. Maybe they've all grown up enough now to get along better?
So tomorrow, I'm off to stock up on the Feliway, collect the cats, and... see. I'll still seperate them at night and if I go out, and I expect Indigo will spend most of the day under my bed anyway. Sofia will spend it up the cat tree, and if they both spend a few hours sans food, then they can both live with that lol.
You just know it's all going to go wrong, don't you?
We'll see.



  1. Well, for what it's worth, I think you're quite right to try . OK, so they may have a few fights, but they'll probably settle down eventually. Good luck!!

  2. My 2 cats (one tonk) got along for 7 yrs, and then out of no where started violently fighting. My vet gave me torbutrol to give to them both for 5 days, and re-introduce them. Happy to say it worked.

  3. I'm glad I have neutered boys, they are a lot less trouble than girls! Seriously, the girl cats we have had (either ours or family's) have been a total pain and really very territorial, you'd think it would be the other way round, wouldn't you?