Monday, 31 October 2011


I was sorting out my airing cupboard the other day (I lead such a fascinating life). I had taken out a stack of towels, laid them on the floor, and then gone to the bathroom.

When I came back, Indigo had also 'gone to the bathroom'. On my towels.


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tiny Belly

Indigo has! A very gentle dropping and roundness- you couldn't tell from a photo (and my camera is playing up again so apologies for the lack of pics lately) but I hold her and stroke her every day and I've noticed it. Of course she has baggier skin this year, and is a bit chunkier anyway so it might not be so obvious so soon.

Shall we do bump photos this year? I think so :) I'll start just as soon as she's got anything to show.

Speaking of shows... I actually made it to see one the other day, the Tonkinese Breed Club show in Bracknell. I didn't mention it before because I didn't want to jinx going... I'm not usually a superstitious person, but having lost out on the last three due to illness etc I was a bit wary!

I saw the lovely Monty, some descendents of Harry and lots of lovely cats, but mainly I was able to talk Tonk with lots of other breeders which was nice. Monty did very well and got another challenge certificate, but- and I didn't know this- it is from the same judge as gave him one before. So he still can't claim Champion status. The certificates need to be from different judges!

I've also joined the Tonkinese BREED club, which I've been meaning to do for a while. I'm now a member of both clubs. I don't think there's any others...

I think I've said it before, but I'm pretty ambivalent about the whole cats in cages thing (but I keep mine indoors and isn't that just one big cage? I am a hypocrite, I guess. Bear with me though whilst I unravel my thoughts a little...)

I like breeding within the structure- and the confines- of the GCCF because it gives set rules on what you should and shoudn't do, and these are almost always to the benefit of the cats. It would take a brave breeder to insist a kitten stayed for 13 weeks, for example, if we didn't HAVE to... when the non pedigree world expects kittens at 8 weeks. But the extended stay is good for mama and babies. If people didn't have to wait 13 weeks for their kitten to come home, they wouldn't would they, in the main, they'd go to the breeder down the road who churned them out callously at 6 weeks, and the decent breeders  would lose out. Kittens would be less socialised and less happy and the breeds would suffer as a result.

Shows ensure breeding animals are of a good type, so the breeds stay distinct and improve, rather than becoming... well, just expensive moggies, basically. The whole point of a pedigree cat is one that has been bred for a certain look and temperament, the opposite of a random bred cat which is, as the name suggests, random. I have no objection to moggies, if anyone is newly reading and doesn't know... I have two of my own :)

So the GCCF and shows are a good thing. I like the shows from that perspective, and its incredibly useful to see the cats, in terms of building up experience of colours and what is a good type and so on- I got a lot out of yesterday. But there's the part of me (I used to be a mildly hippy- activist type, reckon its that part!) that hates the cages and the fact we put our cats in then to be ogled by other people. I don't suppose it's much fun for the cats, although the cats themselves never seem scared as such. Mildly irritated, yes, and you aren't allowed to touch them (disease control) and they don't like that. Well the Tonks don't anyway, as they rub themselves against the bars and roll on their backs asking for a fuss.  But they don't... well they don't suffer, you know?

And reason tells me that if the downside of GCCF breeding is a cat having to spend a day in a cage every now and then, then surely it's better than the spoils of letting your free roaming cat get pregnant, exposing them to diseases and nasties. Not to mention the yearly problem of the shelters overflowing and the thousands and thousands of moggy kittens that simply end up being put to sleep because there aren't the homes.

I expect one day I'll want to show a cat of mine... but lets just say I haven't entirely resolved it in my own mind yet. I'm glad my own girl is a solid, and therefore ineligible... although the application for showing Tonk variants is being resubmitted, so she might not be ineligible for long!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Possible Kittens This Time

At the time of mating, Monty's owner believed that Monty was, in fact, a chocolate mink (carrying dilute), and not a brown. So we expected just chocolates and lilacs, solid or mink, males and females. 8 different possibilities in equal measure.

However,  Monty's owner has been very surprised by a definitely blue kitten popping up in a mating between her lilac tortie and Monty. So she has gone through Monty's pedigree and matings with a fine tooth comb and confirmed that he must be, in fact, a brown mink, carrying chocolate and dilute. Surprise!

Which broadens the possibilities, somewhat! There's now sixteen different possibilities. We could get brown, blue, chocolate or lilac kittens, in either mink or solid, and boys and girls of any colour. No torties this time, the girls will look no different to the boys.

Of course it's all totally down to chance as to what the kittens will be. They could all be the same- I could end up with an entire litter of brown minks, for example! Bet I get a litter of blues... I seem destined to have blues. It's just as well I like them really!
I hope I get a nice mix, (so I can tell them apart, as much as anything else!) and I hope I do get a chocolate somewhere in there as I've never had a chocolate kitten before, either in the REM litter or my own cats. But really, its anyone's guess!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Who's The Daddy 2011

Its Monty! Another Monty! Otherwise known as Hylily Priceless Picasso. Isn't he handsome? Not too pleased at having a camera in his face, but still!

He's a brown mink- those eyes- with two challenge certificates to his name so far- three makes a Champion, so he's off to a good start. I do like my lady to have titled beaux! He has a lovely profile dip, to counter Indigo's not so brilliant one, and did I mention those eyes? Absolutely stunning.

He's a very gentle puss, and rather petite, and I was a little concerned he'd be a bit cowed by Indigo who can be... shall we say a trifle forthright at times? But it would seem not. When I picked her up they had obviously been getting on VERY well *grin* and Indigo did not want to leave. She howled the whole way home.

Monty has an interesting story. I first heard of him when I attended a cat show 18 months ago, hoping to meet some Tonk people and get advice before breeding Indigo. Hilary (Hylily) took me under her wing a bit- I didn't know anyone- and gave me lots of useful information that was most helpful when Indigo had her litter with Harry. She also told me she had a kitten that she was intending to keep for stud, and his name was Monty. He wouldn't be ready for that year, but I would be welcome to use him subsequently if I wanted to. Yes please!

Monty didn't take to his stud duties at first. Poor Hilary was just about to 'retire' him (can you retire if you never started?) when he got the idea, and babies were on the way... Monty was a successful stud! He was just a bit of a late developer, bless him *grin* Since then, there have been several more successful matings at Hylily, and I'm very lucky indeed to have been the first outside breeder to bring a queen to stud with Monty. This will be his 5th litter.

Monday, 24 October 2011


Me, that is.

After writing the last blog post, it occurred to me that I had a willing, and definitely un-pregnant mog hereabouts. Male cats, like male humans, have nipples of course!

Problem with Theo is he has so much floof, I couldn't actually SEE one to compare. I grabbed him to investigate, but he didn't take too kindly to all that rummaging, and stalked off with his tail swishing in a most annoyed manner. Sorry boy.

Later I accosted him whilst he was asleep, and whilst it did wake him, this time he responded by purring madly and enjoying the tummy rub, so I was, eventually, able to find one. Little, white, and not at all like Indigo's. Later on, I walked into my room to see Sofia snoozing belly up on the bed. And yup, Indigo's are much bigger and much pinker than hers as well.
What with the sickness, (now thankfully at an end) and the amount of food that's been magically disappearing from Indigo's bowl recently, I think we can now safely assume that she's pregnant :)


Saturday, 22 October 2011


A very good one at that. Fortunately (for me!) we don't have any of the live variety, but Theo does like a good stuffed mouse to bat about. Silly old floof.

Here are Theo's back feet, and why he wouldn't do well had I decided to show him. Birmans' feet are meant to have neat little gloves on them, and his back feet have jaggedy bits at the top like seams- these are called runners and are a fault. His front feet too, one of them has a grey splotch on a paw pad- they are ideally perfectly white. Theo's actually a pretty good example of his breed, but not up to show standard which really is only for those closest to the breed standard only.

(Besides which, I didn't pick Theo because he was show quality, I picked him because he was cute and made me laugh! But I thought you might be interested. Show standards are very exacting in all breeds!)

No news on the Indigo front... as before, I THINK she's pinked up, but I'm just not sure! Neither Ava nor Sofia are the kind of cats that will let you poke around their nippes (so I could compare theirs to Indigo's) and last time the change was obvious and dramatic. I suppose though with humans it varies from one pregnancy to another, so no reason why it should be any different with cats.

I'll have to wait a bit longer, I suppose!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Tummy Rub

The time is approaching where I become slightly obsessive about my cat's nipples. Yes you read that correctly! I have been checking them daily for any signs of swelling or 'pinking up' which would indicate a pregnancy. Yesterday I thought they looked a bit pinker than usual, today I'm not so sure.

Looking at last time, I can see she pinked up well and truly three weeks and four days after going to stud- three weeks and one day after the first suspected mating. This time Indigo went to stud on the 25th of September, was heard possibly mating on the 28th and was seen definitely doing so on the 29th. So today is the equivalent day this time round (three weeks and 4 or 1 days, depending)... which of course means nothing other than I'm a complete nerd LOL. But I am expecting to know really quite soon :)

It's just as well Indigo adores having her tummy rubbed really isn't it? If you could hear the purring!

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Pink Fleece

... is in the wash. Her Highness decided to widdle on it this morning!

I think I can safely say she's feeling better now... oooh but she's a bad, bad girl!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Getting Better

Inds, pre illness, looking particularly chirpy!

Inds, the other day, looking very poorly. I don't think she was really asleep. You can't really see, but she's crouching, keeping all pressure off her belly. She wasn't washing herself, eating or drinking. She kept climbing on me for cuddles, then having to get off because it wasn't comfortable :( so I gave her my fleece to snuggle with, which seemed to make her happier.

I don't think I'm going to get it back for a while! Indigo today, in a much more natural sleeping position (well, for her!) and  in much less discomfort. Still very sleepy though and not eating a whole lot. However, she put up a good fight this morning when it came to eye drop and antibiotic time- obviously feeling better!

Thursday, 13 October 2011


We had a dramatic morning here yesterday.

Indigo sleeps in the living room, and usually starts up her Very Loud Meowing routine to come out as soon as she hears waking up noises from the rest of the house. Today she didn't... and I was worried. I eventually found her, huddled in a cat cubby looking miserable.

A few minutes later she was sick, and as I was turning away to get cleaning stuff  I saw her stumble then pick herself up again. 'Odd', thought I, and kept a close eye on her. Inds can be a bit clumsy, and I didn't really see what happened. But then half an hour later she was sick again, but this time collapsed face first into it, flailing her limbs about and retching whilst uttering dreadful noises :( well you can be sure I rang the vet and got her in immediately.

She's had a full blood test done (£160!) and it was (naturally!) inconclusive- everything is within the normal ranges- iron, electrolytes, blood cells you name it, it was a thorough test!  She's had some neurological tests done and they have all been normal. The only explanation the vet can come up with is that she's having a particularly bad bout of morning sickness- apparently some cats do make dreadful howly noises when they feel/ are about to be sick, and perhaps the act of retching/ vomiting made her feel so wobbly she just keeled over?

Neither time she actually brought anything up, just foam/ fluid you know, so the vet is inclined to think its hormonal. Anyway she's home now, with a bland diet (which Theo is enjoying very much, thanks!), a pregnancy safe antibiotic and instructions to keep an eye on her and report any further vomiting etc to the vet- fortunately since tht second time she hasn't been sick or collapsed. She's not right though- she's not eaten or drunk again yet and she spent large parts of yesterday under the sofa and the rest in my arms. This morning she seems much more perky though, and has had several sniffs at her food and water bowls.

I hate it when my cats are poorly :(

Heh- I was about to press publish and she just ate a chunk of meat. Hurrah!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Eyes (Don't) Have It

So, I've been in a bit of a quandary about Alfie and Jonah's colouring. Both were registered as blue minks, and they LOOKED like blue minks as kittens, but as they have gotten older, they have matured into very different colouration. They both have goldy eyes.... so are they even minks at all? So I asked the advice of two very experienced breeders I know.

Alfie now. Both the breeders I have chatted to (and I didn't ask them if I could say who they were, so I won't, but you know who you are and many many thanks!) agree that he is a caramel, both feel he is indeed a mink, despite the eyes. As for Jonah, whilst both agree that he looks mink, one thought he looked more lilac and one thought caramel. *grin* And both reassured me that they get it wrong regularly- it's a hazard of Tonk-dom, it seems.

 Jonah, man of mystery!

One lady told me that you do get Tonks seen occasionally on the show bench that don't have perfect eye colour. It's not uncommon, it seems. And the other said that it can take up to three years for a Tonk to fully settle into his eventual eye and coat colour- for all their quickness to mature in other areas, coats and eyes take their time. So we may yet see eyes lightening or coats darkening and change our minds about colours all over again! Jonah may eventually start to look more obviously one or the other

I will say this- I thought lilac minks were born white/ pale cream, and all of my babies were a pale beigey colour. So at the moment I am tending towards the caramel for Jonah. It will be interesting to see if I have any lilac minks in my next litter (a possibility, but I'm not telling you any more at this stage!) so I can compare photos as they grow. It will be interesting to see.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Jonah's Eyes

As my kittens were growing up, there were two kittens I always got confused. I could tell the girls by their markings, Wendell because he was so dark, and Kensey was notably lighter than his two similarly coloured brothers. But Kenneth and Monty... well I often got them confused, and had to mark under their arms so I would know for sure who was who. So I can't say I was terribly surprised when I recieved in my email...
'Have just read your latest blog entry, and thank goodness, I thought I was going mad! I too have wondered for quite a while now if Jonah is really a blue mink as his eyes... are decidedly golden and his coat is a subtle blend of fawn/caramel/grey-blue. '

Ah... yes! So they are! Hello there Jonah!

So Jonah's colouring is also in question... and I must admit that my confidence has taken a little bit of a battering having got it wrong again (and half expecting my other families to be emailing me saying my kitty has golden eyes too... lol) So what's a breeder to do? That's right- ask other breeders, who have been in the game far longer than I have! *grin*

I've found out some interesting things, too... which I'll share with you another day :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Indie's Eyes...

Ever get that feeling of deja vu?

Early pregnancy (touch wood) does not seem to be a good time for Indigo. She feels sick and tired, much like in a human pregnancy. Last year she had an ongoing and at the time unresolved allergy issue. You may be sure I have been anxiously feeling her head many times a day for any lumps, bumps or anything unusual, but so far (again, touch wood) nothing.

However, I was cuddling her the other day, she was purring at me and looking at me through partially slitted eyes and... well one didn't look quite right to me. I wasn't sure, so I pounced on her later and had a proper look and sure enough, her inner eyelids weren't retracted fully. Later on it was fine, later still not retracting again and so on. Also her eye looked watery. I rang the vet, but being Sunday I wasn't able to get an appointment till today. Not too worrying, as she's fine in herself, alert and playful.

Cats have a second, inner, eyelid to help protect their eyes- it swooshes over them to remove dirt a bit like a windscreen wiper. It helps to keep the eyes moist. It's normal enough to catch a glimpse of this lid when a cat is sleepy, but it should fully retract when a cat is alert and awake. When it doesn't, it can be a sign of illness.

Anyway, Indigo's diagnosis is, paraphrased, 'Possibly A Bit Under The Weather, Not Otherwise Specified'!!!! In other words, she just has sore eyes, the vet doesn't know why and I'm left thinking 'we've been here before...'

Actually I'm being overly dramatic. Inds has sore eyes, but it isn't like last year at all, I'm just rolling my eyes at a cat of mine having another mystery illness. They never go in for anything clear cut, my mogs! She has drops to use, as a precaution, so she will hate me for a few days I am sure, but there's no pus, no crustiness or sign of anything infectious, just a little soreness.

No photos, because I don't want to irritate her eyes further by flashing cameras about the place, I don't know if it would bother them, but why take the chance? Otherwise she's alert and happy, not seeming unwell- although see my next paragraph- and the vet isn't worried. It should go on its own within a couple of weeks, and I don't need to go back unless it develops into something else. Which she doesn't think it will. As an aside- I love my vets!  *I* know I worry overmuch about my pets, *THEY* know it too but never make comments or make me feel silly for doing things like- well bringing in a cat with a mildly sore eye. Heh!

No sign of pregnancy yet, but I didn't expect it. The vet had a feel, but all she could feel was a large and well formed poop! However, Indigo has lost a small amount of weight, and been a little nauseated and tired, which is exactly the same as last time. She's also been extra cuddly, which again is like she was before. So I'm willing to state that I think she IS expecting. Hurrah!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Alfie's Eyes

Sometimes a kitten's colour isn't always obvious. I've heard many stories of cats going to show and the judges witholding certificates because the cat simply isn't the colour he is registered as being, cueing red faces all round. Tonkinese are notoriously difficult, because they have the three coat patterns as well as the multiple colours (some of which are pretty similar) and sometimes it doesn't become clear until the kitten reaches adulthood. Well we have to decide at 8 weeks, in order to send off the paperwork. Sometimes we get it wrong.

Alfie's been bothering me lately. His family send me regular photos, and in one recent one, it shows Alfie with the most beautiful golden eyes... just like his Mama's.

Golden eyes. Alfie is registered as a mink, which means he ought to have aqua eyes, but he doesn't.

So it's almost certain that Alfie isn't a mink at all! His coat has also darkened so it is much more uniform, with less of a point/ body contrast than you would expect from a mink. I strongly suspect he's a solid, which means he can't possibly be a blue, as he's never been as dark as Wendell (Jacob). I now think, having spent hours looking through all my kitten pictures, that he is a solid caramel.

Of course now that I'm looking with fresh eyes, it seems obvious. This is one of the first photos of the kittens ever taken, they were less than 48 hours old. Looking at this, it now seems quite clear that the kitten to the top right is a solid- he's MUCH darker than the four minks in a row at the bottom. That, I'd be wiling to bet, is Alfie (Kenneth, as was). Ok, he's in shadow, but he's still darker. I hasten to add that most of my pictures were NOT so glaringly obvious! I swear they all looked the same colour to me! Interestingly one of my minks, second from left, looks a shade lighter than the other three... I wonder if that was Kensey, my other caramel?

And then there's this picture here. Definitely looking caramelly there too. Remember that Tonkinese are colourpointed cats, we use the term 'solid' but it doesn't actually mean the cat will have a uniform colour all over, just that the difference between points and coat will be subtle.

Where does that leave Alfie's pedigree? It's still valid. Alfie is a pedigree Tonkinese, and nothing can change that! If he was for breeding, then I would need to apply for a slight change to his certificate, and of course his solid-ness means he is no longer eligible to be shown, but Alfie's family do not wish to show him or breed from him, and as they say, Alfie doesn't care one way or another! However, I personally guarantee to change any pedigree in error at my expense, if the family wish it- that goes for any of my kittens of course.

Does it matter, then? Well, it matters to me. Obviously I want to get things right, and this kind of thing is incredibly useful to me. I think I must have been thrown by the whole expecting lilacs and getting blues thing! I'm still very much a novice at this, but it's all a great learning experience.

Of course now I'd love some more caramel kittens, to put my learning into practice!!! Perhaps next year eh, caramel isn't an option this time around!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Be Indikon's Friend On Facebook!

Ok, so I've been meaning to make an Indikon page for AGES, and finally have. So if you use Facebook, please do friend us! We're down as Indikon Tonkinese (obviously!) - not sure if you need this link but there you go if you do.

Genetics: Brown, Chocolate And Cinnamon

It all sounds good enough to eat, doesn't it?

I spoke before about all cats being basically black, genetically. I also discussed how this is actually dark brown, and is known by several different names, such as seal, or natural.

The brown gene can be expressed different ways and the different expressions (of any gene, not just this) are known as alleles. There are three alleles in this instance; brown (black, seal), a warmer brown called 'chocolate', or a rich, auburny colour called cinnamon. Cinnamon is not an accepted colour in the Tonkinese, but it's worth including it in the discussion.

The brown gene is not sex linked, like the orange gene is, so all cats will have two alleles in their genetic profile. These can be the same, for example, brown and brown, or different, for example chocolate and cinnamon. Having two alleles the same is known as being homozygous, two different alleles is known as heterozygous.

So which allelle eventually determines the cat's colour? Well, some allelles are dominant over others. Brown is dominant to chocolate and cinnamon. Chocolate is recessive to brown and dominant to cinnamon, and cinnamon is recessive to both brown and chocolate. A pecking order, if you will.
So a black (brown, seal, natural) cat  might be homozygous (brown/brown) or heterozygous (brown/chocolate or brown/cinnamon) but it will still be a brown (black!) cat.

My black cat Sofia could be brown/brown, brown/chocolate or brown/cinnamon, genetically.

It's important though, as the recessive alleles can be passed on genetically, and when, for example, two chocolate alleles are passed on, one from each parent, the kitten will be chocolate and not brown. Which is why, in the cat fancy, you might see a cat described as 'brown, carrying chocolate' (for example). That means that the cat is heterozygous for colour. It's colour is brown, as it has one brown allele which is dominant. But it also has one chocolate allele, which it can potentially pass on to its offspring.

clear as mud- or chocolate- eh?

It's worth mentioning that the orange gene masks the colour gene, however it presents itself- brown, chocolate or cinnamon. Also the important word here is mask- not replace. The colour gene will be hidden but genetically still be present and will still be passed down to subsequent generations. This is what I got wrong last year!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Giddy Kipper

Being indoor cats, the opportunity for stimulation is vastly reduced, a fact every indoor owner MUST take seriously. One of the things that help to fill that gap are toys, which I rotate so they don't lose their appeal, and all the cats have their preferences.

Ava, I must admit, doesn't really engage with toys, although she does occasionally go and have a sleep in the crinkle tunnel. Theo likes a good mouse to bat around, as well as the more complicated circular things with balls to bat around. Sofia likes a mouse too, but whilst Theo prefers the chunky sisal type, Sofia likes the fur covered plastic/ stuffed variety- she dismembers the plastic/ stuffing and carries the limp fur casing proudly about the house.

Indigo's favourite toy is a big plush and hessian fish called the Giddy Kipper- so called I suspect because it is catnip impregnated. Indigo likes nothing more than bashing seven bells out of her kipper and then rolling around on it getting a hit of the nip. Junkie.

Sofia likes the kipper too- she has a seperate one otherwise you KNOW Indie would be weeing on it- but she isn't nearly so enamoured of it as Indigo is. Sofia merely rubs her head all over it and drools a bit. Indigo is much funnier to watch, she leaps about the place like she has firecrackers down her cataloons.

As ever, I've not been paid by the makers of the Giddy Kipper to plug the toy! But my cats like it :) I did buy another toy the other day though, from Pets at home, and all four are completely nonplussed. I'll keep it for the kittens, they might enjoy it, but as far as my cats were concerned, it was a total waste of money :( Here it is! My advice? Do not buy!

Monday, 3 October 2011

One Year Of Blogging

Well! Today marks one year of blogging. On this day last year, I drove Indigo to stud at Folkestone and came home to fret and worry and generally wring my hands at the thought that she was unhappy (she wasn't... she had a great time) Did I worry so much this year? Erm... well yes, actually. I suspect being neurotic about my cats is constitutional!

Indeed. Weirdo

Anyway, here's a few things that happened in the last year.

I officially became INDIKON- my registered prefix. Indikon means indigo... in Greek, randomly. I don't speak Greek, I've never been to Greece and Tonk cats have their origins in the far East not the med... I just liked the way it sounded. Hmm... I like feta cheese and olives... does that count?

Indigo went to stud at the beginning, and went to stud again at the end. Kittens came, captured our hearts, grew like weeds, and left for fabulous new forever homes. Sigh. But kind of a happy sigh, you know? Enough to want to do it again anyway!
The relationship between Indigo and my other two girls finally broke down, and they were permanently separated. I’m still sad about this. Maybe one day? Both sets of cats continue to have loving relationships with Theo, my male neuter. Very strange.
Hideous amounts of money was spent at the vet, pet store, online and so on. None of the cats could care less about my empty wallet, naturally!

I managed to miss THREE cat shows because of illness. Three. Ridiculous! Two because I was ill, and one because Indigo was.
Theo was a fabulous uncle to the kittens and one, in particular, worshipped the ground beneath his paws. Sofia had no interest in being an aunt, hissed whenever she saw a kitten, (which was rarely- see separation of Indie and other two girls) and Ava ran away whenever SHE came across one.
Our resident cat population went from four to ten, and back to four again. And now? Who knows! There could be several kittens a-cooking even as I type!

Sofia remained somewhat rotund. Indigo went from slim to slightly matronly. Ava is still a skinny thing and Theo? Hard to tell under all that floof!
Theo's tummy issues seemed to resolve (touch wood). Indigo had an ongoing, worrying allergic reaction, only resolved when I changed her food. And amusingly I discovered Indigo had an extra nipple. I still have rather worrying dreams about Indigo having a litter of nine kittens... one for each boob, and no, nine is not unheard of! (though very uncommon... thank goodness!)
It's been a great year, and it's been a pleasure to share my cats and kittens with you. Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Business As Usual

Inds is home, still in call, bellowing at the top of her lungs and reeking of stud cat. She has had several cuddles with me, but she's also letting me know that I am NOT her friend... she most definitely did not want to come home. LOL. (And yes, she howled the whole 2 hour journey back)

Theo is following her around, semi- hopefully, nose in her back end, but having had a hearty dose of the real thing, Indigo isn't having a bar of it. I'm going to take him on his daily walk in a moment as he's annoying her!

Sofia is not impressed at Indigo's return. Neither is Ava... currently Ava is hiding under the bed.

All in all, business as usual in this madhouse!