Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Jonah's Eyes

As my kittens were growing up, there were two kittens I always got confused. I could tell the girls by their markings, Wendell because he was so dark, and Kensey was notably lighter than his two similarly coloured brothers. But Kenneth and Monty... well I often got them confused, and had to mark under their arms so I would know for sure who was who. So I can't say I was terribly surprised when I recieved in my email...
'Have just read your latest blog entry, and thank goodness, I thought I was going mad! I too have wondered for quite a while now if Jonah is really a blue mink as his eyes... are decidedly golden and his coat is a subtle blend of fawn/caramel/grey-blue. '

Ah... yes! So they are! Hello there Jonah!

So Jonah's colouring is also in question... and I must admit that my confidence has taken a little bit of a battering having got it wrong again (and half expecting my other families to be emailing me saying my kitty has golden eyes too... lol) So what's a breeder to do? That's right- ask other breeders, who have been in the game far longer than I have! *grin*

I've found out some interesting things, too... which I'll share with you another day :)

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