Monday, 3 October 2011

One Year Of Blogging

Well! Today marks one year of blogging. On this day last year, I drove Indigo to stud at Folkestone and came home to fret and worry and generally wring my hands at the thought that she was unhappy (she wasn't... she had a great time) Did I worry so much this year? Erm... well yes, actually. I suspect being neurotic about my cats is constitutional!

Indeed. Weirdo

Anyway, here's a few things that happened in the last year.

I officially became INDIKON- my registered prefix. Indikon means indigo... in Greek, randomly. I don't speak Greek, I've never been to Greece and Tonk cats have their origins in the far East not the med... I just liked the way it sounded. Hmm... I like feta cheese and olives... does that count?

Indigo went to stud at the beginning, and went to stud again at the end. Kittens came, captured our hearts, grew like weeds, and left for fabulous new forever homes. Sigh. But kind of a happy sigh, you know? Enough to want to do it again anyway!
The relationship between Indigo and my other two girls finally broke down, and they were permanently separated. I’m still sad about this. Maybe one day? Both sets of cats continue to have loving relationships with Theo, my male neuter. Very strange.
Hideous amounts of money was spent at the vet, pet store, online and so on. None of the cats could care less about my empty wallet, naturally!

I managed to miss THREE cat shows because of illness. Three. Ridiculous! Two because I was ill, and one because Indigo was.
Theo was a fabulous uncle to the kittens and one, in particular, worshipped the ground beneath his paws. Sofia had no interest in being an aunt, hissed whenever she saw a kitten, (which was rarely- see separation of Indie and other two girls) and Ava ran away whenever SHE came across one.
Our resident cat population went from four to ten, and back to four again. And now? Who knows! There could be several kittens a-cooking even as I type!

Sofia remained somewhat rotund. Indigo went from slim to slightly matronly. Ava is still a skinny thing and Theo? Hard to tell under all that floof!
Theo's tummy issues seemed to resolve (touch wood). Indigo had an ongoing, worrying allergic reaction, only resolved when I changed her food. And amusingly I discovered Indigo had an extra nipple. I still have rather worrying dreams about Indigo having a litter of nine kittens... one for each boob, and no, nine is not unheard of! (though very uncommon... thank goodness!)
It's been a great year, and it's been a pleasure to share my cats and kittens with you. Thanks for reading :)

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