Saturday, 22 October 2011


A very good one at that. Fortunately (for me!) we don't have any of the live variety, but Theo does like a good stuffed mouse to bat about. Silly old floof.

Here are Theo's back feet, and why he wouldn't do well had I decided to show him. Birmans' feet are meant to have neat little gloves on them, and his back feet have jaggedy bits at the top like seams- these are called runners and are a fault. His front feet too, one of them has a grey splotch on a paw pad- they are ideally perfectly white. Theo's actually a pretty good example of his breed, but not up to show standard which really is only for those closest to the breed standard only.

(Besides which, I didn't pick Theo because he was show quality, I picked him because he was cute and made me laugh! But I thought you might be interested. Show standards are very exacting in all breeds!)

No news on the Indigo front... as before, I THINK she's pinked up, but I'm just not sure! Neither Ava nor Sofia are the kind of cats that will let you poke around their nippes (so I could compare theirs to Indigo's) and last time the change was obvious and dramatic. I suppose though with humans it varies from one pregnancy to another, so no reason why it should be any different with cats.

I'll have to wait a bit longer, I suppose!

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