Friday, 28 October 2011

Possible Kittens This Time

At the time of mating, Monty's owner believed that Monty was, in fact, a chocolate mink (carrying dilute), and not a brown. So we expected just chocolates and lilacs, solid or mink, males and females. 8 different possibilities in equal measure.

However,  Monty's owner has been very surprised by a definitely blue kitten popping up in a mating between her lilac tortie and Monty. So she has gone through Monty's pedigree and matings with a fine tooth comb and confirmed that he must be, in fact, a brown mink, carrying chocolate and dilute. Surprise!

Which broadens the possibilities, somewhat! There's now sixteen different possibilities. We could get brown, blue, chocolate or lilac kittens, in either mink or solid, and boys and girls of any colour. No torties this time, the girls will look no different to the boys.

Of course it's all totally down to chance as to what the kittens will be. They could all be the same- I could end up with an entire litter of brown minks, for example! Bet I get a litter of blues... I seem destined to have blues. It's just as well I like them really!
I hope I get a nice mix, (so I can tell them apart, as much as anything else!) and I hope I do get a chocolate somewhere in there as I've never had a chocolate kitten before, either in the REM litter or my own cats. But really, its anyone's guess!

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