Thursday, 13 October 2011


We had a dramatic morning here yesterday.

Indigo sleeps in the living room, and usually starts up her Very Loud Meowing routine to come out as soon as she hears waking up noises from the rest of the house. Today she didn't... and I was worried. I eventually found her, huddled in a cat cubby looking miserable.

A few minutes later she was sick, and as I was turning away to get cleaning stuff  I saw her stumble then pick herself up again. 'Odd', thought I, and kept a close eye on her. Inds can be a bit clumsy, and I didn't really see what happened. But then half an hour later she was sick again, but this time collapsed face first into it, flailing her limbs about and retching whilst uttering dreadful noises :( well you can be sure I rang the vet and got her in immediately.

She's had a full blood test done (£160!) and it was (naturally!) inconclusive- everything is within the normal ranges- iron, electrolytes, blood cells you name it, it was a thorough test!  She's had some neurological tests done and they have all been normal. The only explanation the vet can come up with is that she's having a particularly bad bout of morning sickness- apparently some cats do make dreadful howly noises when they feel/ are about to be sick, and perhaps the act of retching/ vomiting made her feel so wobbly she just keeled over?

Neither time she actually brought anything up, just foam/ fluid you know, so the vet is inclined to think its hormonal. Anyway she's home now, with a bland diet (which Theo is enjoying very much, thanks!), a pregnancy safe antibiotic and instructions to keep an eye on her and report any further vomiting etc to the vet- fortunately since tht second time she hasn't been sick or collapsed. She's not right though- she's not eaten or drunk again yet and she spent large parts of yesterday under the sofa and the rest in my arms. This morning she seems much more perky though, and has had several sniffs at her food and water bowls.

I hate it when my cats are poorly :(

Heh- I was about to press publish and she just ate a chunk of meat. Hurrah!

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