Thursday, 20 October 2011

Tummy Rub

The time is approaching where I become slightly obsessive about my cat's nipples. Yes you read that correctly! I have been checking them daily for any signs of swelling or 'pinking up' which would indicate a pregnancy. Yesterday I thought they looked a bit pinker than usual, today I'm not so sure.

Looking at last time, I can see she pinked up well and truly three weeks and four days after going to stud- three weeks and one day after the first suspected mating. This time Indigo went to stud on the 25th of September, was heard possibly mating on the 28th and was seen definitely doing so on the 29th. So today is the equivalent day this time round (three weeks and 4 or 1 days, depending)... which of course means nothing other than I'm a complete nerd LOL. But I am expecting to know really quite soon :)

It's just as well Indigo adores having her tummy rubbed really isn't it? If you could hear the purring!

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