Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Who's The Daddy 2011

Its Monty! Another Monty! Otherwise known as Hylily Priceless Picasso. Isn't he handsome? Not too pleased at having a camera in his face, but still!

He's a brown mink- those eyes- with two challenge certificates to his name so far- three makes a Champion, so he's off to a good start. I do like my lady to have titled beaux! He has a lovely profile dip, to counter Indigo's not so brilliant one, and did I mention those eyes? Absolutely stunning.

He's a very gentle puss, and rather petite, and I was a little concerned he'd be a bit cowed by Indigo who can be... shall we say a trifle forthright at times? But it would seem not. When I picked her up they had obviously been getting on VERY well *grin* and Indigo did not want to leave. She howled the whole way home.

Monty has an interesting story. I first heard of him when I attended a cat show 18 months ago, hoping to meet some Tonk people and get advice before breeding Indigo. Hilary (Hylily) took me under her wing a bit- I didn't know anyone- and gave me lots of useful information that was most helpful when Indigo had her litter with Harry. She also told me she had a kitten that she was intending to keep for stud, and his name was Monty. He wouldn't be ready for that year, but I would be welcome to use him subsequently if I wanted to. Yes please!

Monty didn't take to his stud duties at first. Poor Hilary was just about to 'retire' him (can you retire if you never started?) when he got the idea, and babies were on the way... Monty was a successful stud! He was just a bit of a late developer, bless him *grin* Since then, there have been several more successful matings at Hylily, and I'm very lucky indeed to have been the first outside breeder to bring a queen to stud with Monty. This will be his 5th litter.