Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Indigo can be a right pest at times but my goodness, she's beautiful.

The weather, however, is decidedly unbeautiful. Four grumpy cats skulk around the house by day, unable to find a puddle of sunshine to curl up in. It's a rough life, being a cat.  I took pity on them earlier and put the heating on- it's blooming cold! As in, really, really cold. I'm sure it's illegal to be this cold in May. Isn't it?

I got several packages in the mail today- nothing cat related but that didn't worry them, what they wanted was the boxes. They have all napped in at least one box at least once today. It's been a lot of napping, but to be honest it's been that kind of day. If I didn't have a Tesco order coming I may have taken to my bed too!


Stay warm x

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  1. She is beautiful. They are such a lovely breed. Demanding but lovely!