Thursday, 30 May 2013

Boxes, Boxes

We're still overrun with them. The cats love them so much I haven't had the heart to cart any to the recycling, although I will have to soon as we are running out of space!
Ava especially is a boxoholic, and the snugger the better. This one is perfect. Low- sided enough so as not to obscure vision (important with a bratty little brother lurking ready to pounce) yet high enough to feel nice and enclosed.
I HAVE FINISHED MY COURSE!!!! Yay! Oh my word, I'm pleased of the break. Of course, it's too rainy to do much allotmenting (soft Southerner!) so I have just been curling up with a book and a cat instead, and it's been lovely. Nothing like a soft purry furry animal to relax you- but I don't need to tell any of my readers that!
Fingers crossed for some sunshine. You all have a good week. x

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