Sunday, 14 July 2013

Come Home, Sulley

****** SULLEY HAS NOW BEEN FOUND!!!! *******

Anyone in, or knowing someone in the Swadlincote area, please pass this on:

LOST- Swadlincote, Midway Rd, Eureka Rd area.  Please contact

Sulley is a blue solid Tonkinese, 18 months old, castrated and microchipped, very friendly and vocal. He went out into the garden, went over the fence and still hasn't come back, he is a house cat and this is his first time exploring.

He is very distinctive due to his size- he’s a big chunk of a cat- and due to a birth injury he walks a bit like John Wayne. Della’s five year old foster son is inconsolable at the moment as they are best friends and spend all day getting into mischief together. Please share with anyone you know in the area so we can get him home as soon as possible


  1. Not sure what will help but hoping madly. Sulley/Freddie, go home now (Freddie was his first name)

  2. Phew.. what a relief! Hope he was ok.