Sunday, 28 July 2013


 Ava and Sofia are pretty sure they need some of what I'm eating...

Morning! Oof, it's hot. Well, it's sticky anyway. I'm sure the cats are holding me personally responsible for this, given the glares I've been getting as they melt into puddles on the floor, the bed, the sofa and pretty much anywhere else they can find. It hasn't sweetened anyone's temper either, and Sofia and Indigo have had a few run ins over the past few days.

I've been going through old posts and labelling them properly, over the last few days. When blogger changed its design (grr) it became less easy to do this, or rather, it isn't hard, but the label setting is hidden and you have to click on it, which I rarely remember to do. It's not hard but it is a good deal less instinctive, I suppose I am saying. Anyway there was about 18 months worth of labelling to do.

Which of course took me right through the whole reintegration shenanigans, thinking Indigo couldn't possibly stay here, as things stood, and Ava getting thin as a rake with all the stress. Many times I was ready to give up... but nearly a year on, we've reached, touch wood, a more or less peaceful existence. And Ava, I think, is a normal weight. She hasn't been weighed for a while, but she looks normal for her- skinny rather than anorexic.

So a few cat fights isn't likely to bother me. Indigo is off the Ovarid now though, and we're waiting for it to leave her system so she can go into heat. That always provokes a few fireworks (and pees... or worse... grr) so we'll have to see how the shaky truce bears up.

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