Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Out And About

Theo, off having an adventure- sort of. His first trip he followed me around, not quite understanding he could go his own way now!

Ok, so Theo is now GPSsed and out in the big wide world. I chose a Pawtrax Mini system and signed up to a web platform thing too for a flat rate of £30 (I think) per year. This seemed to combine the best of both worlds, some GPS systems asked for that per month which would have been beyond my means, the devices themselves are expensive enough! On the other hand, I do actually want to be able to track him, not just make something beep when I need to find him, so it seemed the best deal. There are quite a few to choose from.

So far he hasn't done anything particularly outlandish! He's had a wander through the neighbour's flat, had a kip under the car, and even ventured to the pavement, only to rush home again when *gasp* some people got out of their car. He climbed a tree half way and then thought better of it, oh and he's eaten a lot of grass. Silly old puss.

Must try and get a photo of the unit. He's so fluffy you can't see that he has a collar, tag, jingly bell and a lighter sized box under there.

No more walking the cat :(

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