Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bad Girls, Bad Girls...

Ava looks THRILLED doesn't she? Hehe.
Yes, I have all three girls in one picture. For about 30 seconds. The camera never lies they say, but it can be deceptive. This is how it happened.
Indigo got into bed with Ava.
Ava made some not very happy, growly noises.
Sofia sidled up, sniffed Ava, and settled down on her other side (not in the bed though).
I took a photo.
Sofia thought better of it, and sidled off.
Ava decided she wasn't happy either and stood up.
Then Indigo bit her in the leg, and it all descended into anarchy!
Oh well!


  1. Hee hee!!! And they say the camera never lies! Getting better though, slowly!
    J x

  2. I have all boys and they cuddle all the time. Maybe girls are just more bitchy!