Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What Book?

Weren't reading that, were you? Thought not...

Once again, we are the House of Plague and have taken to our beds. Indigo is very happy about this state of affairs, and has spent much of her time snuggled in beside me. Or on me, or more likely on my book! It can't be comfortable...

Things are calmish, though. The living room is back in service, so the cats have a bit more breathing space. Inds isn't happy about going into her room at night, and a nightly 'chase' ensues, followed by indignant meowing when she finds herself incarcerated. She'll get used to it soon, I'm sure. I feel bad, but the other cats are more relaxed, they were starting to show signs of stress- the beginnings of a peeathon, and Theo started chewing far more than he usually does- including right through my favourite bra!!!

I am starting to think 'kitten' again now, not sure if I'm going to mate Inds soon after Christmas, or in the autumn. Probably I will wait till the autumn as summer is always a busier time for me, but we will see. It's nice having them in the winter. The past two Decembers we've had little fat squeaking sausages around, it seems very odd not to be doing so this year, and January and February always seems to be a good time for placing kittens in homes, as there are fewer of them available. I miss not having them now. But I'm glad of it, given our general state of germiness!

Ok, heading back to my pit. Hope everyone is having a better week than we are :)

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  1. Poor old you. And I'm not much use at the moment with so much pressure on at school. Sorry, honey.