Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ten things about Sofia

Sweet silly Sofie!

1) She loves to drink out of taps. Any tap will do. Yes, they have several dishes of water available at all times... lol

2) She also loves to hang out in the sink. I clean my sink a lot, it's usually hairy!

3) If you leave an unattended glass, she will drink from it. If it's too empty for her to get to the water, she'll stick her paw in and lick the water from that. Sometimes she'll knock it over, accidentally, whereupon she'll run away, with a 'wasn't me' air, but frequently will return- spilled water is easily drinkable!

4) If I am in the bath, she likes me to trickle water onto her head (are you sensing a watery theme here? I'll write some non-watery things next)

5) Sofia's first name was Batman, they thought she was a boy. Needless to say I didn't keep that name!

6) Sofia loves to rub her head against you and wrap your leg in her tail. She's not cuddly, but she's very affectionate.

7) Unless it's slipped my mind, I think Sofia is the only one I've never had a health worry with- all her appointments have been routine matters. She's a bit portly but that's all. No, Fate, i am not asking for any health issues thank you...

8) Sofia's a demon with the feather teaser. She loves to play.

9) She was the runt of the litter, noticeably smaller than her siblings. You wouldn't guess to look at her now!

10) Sofia trills sometimes, and purrs loudly, but rarely have I heard her meow. The first time she did was when she was having her temperature taken. Rectally. I don't blame her for protesting, really!


  1. Aww she sounds like my black and white moggy, he has a thing for taps and sounds like a Trimphone!