Thursday, 29 November 2012

Just About

returning to the land of the living. Yesterday was the first day in about three weeks where my brain has actually felt like a brain, and not a tangled mass of unravelled knitting.

We've been ill, and it's all been rather unpleasant. 'Something viral', including protracted snuffles and- er- bathroom issues. To be honest I always feel a bit outraged when I succumb to anything like a vomiting bug, I always think surely I'm too old for this malarkey? It's like getting a spot- such things should be relegated to the realms of childhood and adolescence and not be allowed to spill over into adult life!

Anyway enough of that. There's been exciting times for the cats. I have two biggish rooms, side by side, those who have had a kitten from me will have been in the biggest room, which used to be my living room. The smaller one next to it was my bedroom. Well, I've switched them over. The new living room is empty, or rather at the moment it is full of boards as a plasterer does his thing- it's had soundproofing put into the ceiling. There's going to be a point to this ramble, so bear with me...

Sofia and Indigo shooting hate rays at each other... but at least they aren't fighting...

The hope is that this will cut down on any potential noise issues with the neighbours. The new lounge is surrounded by my bedroom and my L-shaped hallway, it does not border onto anyone else bar at the ceiling, which now has a false ceiling and a nice thick layer of rockwool in it to mop up sound. Frankly, I couldn't afford to have the room soundproofed properly, such an undertaking would have cost many thousands of pounds, and it isn't as though I plan on using it as a studio or anything! Furthermore, this new living room is under the upstairs neighbours' living room, meaning that when Indigo howls at night, the noise won't be in their bedroom nd disturb their sleep.

And now I come to the point: this has all been rather disturbing for the cats and they've all reacted in their own way to it, but the cat it has possibly made the most difference to is Ava. Once I'd opened up my bedroom to Indigo, Ava had taken to living in the hallway, she wouldn't have come into the living room, 'Indigo's room', at any cost, and for a while it looked as though she'd been ousted from the bedroom too, except at night. But switching the rooms about has had the effect of wiping the slate clean, terratorially. All the cats, including Ava (eventually) now use both the bedroom and the living room.

Indigo has felt the loss of 'her' territory, and has been a bit difficult, but rather less bumptious, which is altogether a Good Thing given that none of them currently have access to the living room at all and have to put up with each other 24/7. Once it's ready, Indigo will be put back in the living room at night though. She's in my room currently, and while she isn't fighting all night as she would usually have done, she is being a little territorial and yesterday left me a little 'gift' on a pile of clean towels. She absolutely knew what she'd done though, and ran and hid when I shouted and pointed and stomped my feet- she hasn't done it again.

So there you go... all you need to do to bring peace into a multi cat household, at least temporarily, is totally rearrange your living space, or alternatively move house. Simple eh? *rolls eyes*. I wonder if the peace will last?

bwahahahahah... you've got a hope, lady!


  1. Nice to see you back on here, love.
    J xxx

  2. My tonk Mojo has taken to getting attention and/or marking his territory indoors by spraying. They are little buggers aren't they?
    Dom gets his own back when Mojo has been hassling him by mounting him! Hahahaha!
    Hope you and the boy have shaken off that virus.