Thursday, 9 January 2014


For some reason I am unable to add photos to my post today, which is a tad inconvenient as most of the post was going to be photos!

Ok, so I've been looking for an alternative form of quick identification given ALL the kittens look so alike and it distresses them to be lifted up and have their armpits checked at present. I post on several Tonkinese groups on Facebook (yes, when I'm not spending time with the kittens, or blogging about the kittens, I am STILL talking about the kittens... it's a sad affliction...haha!) and anyway there are some other breeders there so a good source of advice.

There's a lot of products out there for newborn puppies, but the thing is kittens are just SO tiny and light they just aren't suitable. I had originally thought safety collars, and I found some plain ones that would do nicely but it seems a good 4lbs of weight or more is needed to have any impact on the clip So they were out, although I did order a set for Theo who is a Bad Boy and manages to lose- or I suspect 'lose' his collar on a regular basis. Incidentally this is why I no longer use the GPS, it wasn't terribly accurate round here anyway and I spent more time looking for the unit than I did the cat. Didn't work for us.

Non-safety collars- buckle ones, and sort of Velcro wraps, were not considered.

Anyway one of the ladies on the forum directed me towards hairbands- one specific brand, in fact, (scunci) that is very soft and doesn't contain metals so won't irritate the kitten's skin. I went out to try and find some today, and came home with two sizes. Small size is now on all kittens bar Caspian, who carries his identification proudly aloft without any help!

I have seen hairbands used before and I hadn't thought to use them myself as I was worried about strangulation but they seem nice and stretchy so if they did get caught the kitten would be able to wriggle free. Not that there is anything to get caught ON in the nest, but once they are out and about it's a consideration. By then I expect they will be on the next size which are very roomy and probably wouldn't stay on if I tried them now, in fact I'm looking out for a middle size but we'll see. I might find another solution.

And they look super-cute. But I can't show you... because I can't post photos!!!!

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