Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mostly Photos

Taken the other day.  I have no idea who most of them are. They all look alike!
dark(er) and light kittens

Look how dark their noses are getting!

hello hooman!

Their faces are all slightly different. Once they are bigger I'm sure I'll be able to tell them apart by sight. I can't now.

 Parts of all seven in here!

This is Caspian, I know. Caspian still needs a bit more meat on his bones. He's not actually smaller than the others, size wise, just a bit scrawny! 

Caspian is attracting a good deal of attention already. The other day a friend commented that if I didn't sell him, she'd be more than willing to add another Tonk to her family. She lives quite a way away, with other breeders much nearer, so it was definitely Caspian who was the attraction. I replied in the positive but said I wouldn't be surprised, actually, if he was the first one to be reserved, as he was such a darling.

Lo and behold, I had a phonecall later, from someone who was interested in Caspian! What a coincidence! Now as it happens I've already had interest registered for all six of the available kittens nonspecifically. Usually though, someone drops out, or has already found kittens elsewhere, (which is absolutely fine), but in the interest of fairness I feel I must see people in the order in which they registered interest. It is a most peculiar feeling though, to have so much interest so long before visiting opens. Nice, but peculiar! MyCat got in touch the other day wanting to know if I needed advertising space this time and I had to say no, sorry!

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