Monday, 6 January 2014

Susan The Gentle

This is Susan.

 Not lookin at you...

In the books, Susan becomes a Queen of Narnia, Susan The Gentle. Which amuses me because our Susan hasn't shown any signs of that at all! She screams twice as loud as her siblings at weighing time, hisses at my hand in the kitten pen (whereas the others will sniff me curiously and squeak, now) and her prowess at the milk bar has to be seen to be believed. Anyone who hasn't seen newborn kittens feeding won't know this, but they squabble and fight over the milk, flailing and gouging away at each other, pushing each other hither and thither tp get the best position at Mama's belly.  It's really quite impressive. Later on, they develop a few table manners, of course.

So Susan's a little madam, in short! What's the betting she'll make the most affectionate and loving of the bunch, now?

Susan is our heaviest kitten, and was at birth. In fact five of the seven tripled their birth weight today. The past few days have seen a slight tapering off of weight gain- they still gain, but less- as they have gotten more active. Susan isn't that active yet, except in the lungs department, and prefers snuggling against Mama and with her siblings than exploring the pen. She can move when she wants to though, and has lovely strong legs. Aww Susan... do get over your fright soon please, I want to snuggle with you!
I stick with Mama for now, lady

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