Sunday, 26 January 2014

Are you my mummy? (with apologies to Dr Who!)

I need some new photos! This vid is from the other day, Lucy is trying to work me out. Am I am mummy? I act like a mummy. I'm warm like a mummy. But in that case, where are the milk things? It's all a bit confusing for a little girl of not quite 5 weeks.

We've had some visitors this weekend. Friday night an old friend came over, and the kittens enjoyed making their acquaintance. Today my Mama came by and they did it all over again! Digory was especially charming, and I know she took some photos (hint to copy them to ME, Mum!) He does pose nicely, does our Digory!

Inbetween visitors I've had a tutorial and the usual round of weekend chores and commitments... lots of time with the kittens, but none wielding the camera. I promise I'll get some new photos tomorrow.

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