Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Someone pooped in the litter tray today! You're a good girl, aren't you Aravis?

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Why yes I am...

Of course when one does it, the others start to get the idea. It's been used again since Aravis did, but I wasn't in the room at the time. Could have been anyone, they all seem to like to scrabble around in there, although I still see mama toileting them with her tongue (yuck!) as well.

Aravis is coming out of her shell. She doesn't rush over the moment I come in the room, as Jewel, Jadis and Caspian do, but she has been known to have a quiet cuddle and nap on my lap. She's now happily eating the chicken, but requires the first few pieces to be hand fed to her (I'm getting a lot of bitten fingers these days!) after which she will eat off the plate, but she won't unless she's started off in my lap. She also absolutely adores her Mama and purrs happily when she sees her... she's a sweetheart and will make someone a very lovely companion.

Theo is much better. He spent the day at the vet Monday, having several enemas in the hope of clearing him out so he started to eat again, He clearly felt a hundred times better once he wasn't so constipated, but still wouldn't eat. So he spent another day at the vet yesterday, having IV valium, which apparently can make some cats have the raging hungries.

It worked, he ate. It wasn't just about getting him to eat, although that was the major aim- even a day or two without food can cause havoc with a cat's kidneys and liver and Theo had gone nearly a week. But it was also a good opportunity to watch him and take notes. So we know for definite now he doesn't have any mechanical issues with chewing or swallowing,  and that he was able to tolerate the meal (chicken) without vomiting.

The valium made him very 'drunk' and that was good too, because they took the opportunity to give him an x-ray. This showed no discernible foreign bodies, masses, blockages etc. An x-ray tends not to pick up soft tissue, but it can pick up things that suggest disturbance of soft tissue, and it would pick up buttons and things Theo may have swallowed. So that was good.

Anyway he was VERY cross going in to the vet, and very funny coming home, he meowed for hours and hours, which is an uncommon but not unheard of valium reaction in cats. He was very affectionate and clumsy and purred a lot. The plan was to call the vet and give her a progress report this morning, and I was able to give a good report as he had had a little more to eat and a good night. So no vets till Monday, all being well. It was good to keep him home today. 

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