Thursday, 2 January 2014


Our third kitten was born with a tail that sticks out to one side at the tip. Here it is!

The rest is a normal tail, only the tip is kinked. I'll do a blog entry on kinked tails some time, they are really quite interesting.

Anyway, a boy with such a silly tail needs a name with a little dignity, don't you think? Please welcome Caspian, who is singularly unimpressed at this whole being picked up business...

Unhand me, I say!

Caspian is a prince, and later a king, in several of the Narnia books. He's a wise ruler and a brave sailor. Quite a good name for a Little Scrap.

Sorry for the delay in today's post. My phone camera had decided to malfunction- it was taking photos but it wouldn't transfer them to my computer and neither could I send them via email. of course it is unthinkable to not have a camera with kittens around, so I hotfooted it to Argos for a new camera.The teenager and I will be on beans on toast for a bit now, but after all, one must get one's priorities straight.

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