Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Too Big

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Sleepy Jadis, chomping on a paw

Too big to fit in the palm of my hand comfortably any more. Sniff! They grow up too fast! Already nearly a quarter of the time they have left with me has passed.

Their new trick over the last 24 or so hours is purring. they purr to Mama when feeding and she purrs back, it's adorable. But several of them have started purring to me as well now. Jadis started it, but Digory and Susan have also had a little rumble as well. Awwww! They still startle easily, and go tumbling back to Mama, but yeah, things are going nicely. Most of them are happy in my lap for short periods, Jewel has even climbed there herself. No-one has gone to sleep in my lap or arms yet, but I don't suppose it will be long.

I thought I had taken a video of the kittens at the milk bar on my fancy new camera (it's not that fancy,  but I am a dunce when it comes to technology so it all seems super-clever to me) but when I came to upload it, it was all dark. I tried to edit it and I thought I had but apparently whatever I did wasn't right.  So here's a photo instead. Will try again tomorrow!

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  1. Poor old Indi - she looks - er - stretched!!!