Monday, 27 January 2014

HISS, said Lucy!

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*sniff* said Theo.

HISS said Lucy (I think Lucy...)

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I come up here for a bit lady. That kitten is skeery!

Oh Theo. Theo, Theo, Theo. We were back at the vet's today for a follow up. Theo is no longer dehydrated, isn't vomiting, is bright and alert (and somewhat cross at being at the vet again) and has poop where he ought to in his system, so he's eating and his digestion is going. And he's still losing weight.

Yup, another 150g off since last weigh, 5 days ago. 3.55kg now. He was over a pound heavier six months ago. Test for Addison's Disease came back negative, thank goodness, but that does mean we're back to square one.

He looks old and frail in the pic above... I mean he's beautiful, but he looks old to me... and he's only five. Poor old floof.

Vet is at a loss. He's been on an antibiotic, and the only thing she could suggest was that perhaps that's been making him nauseous, so we're going back next week after a week OFF the meds, to see if he's put any on or what. I also have a tonic for him, a high calorie gloopy paste that smells like the nutri-plus gel I give Indigo when she's nursing, although it's a slightly different composition I understand. A teaspoon a day, so we'll see what that does for him. Fingers crossed he starts to put a bit on.

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