Monday, 13 January 2014

Proper Cats

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'See my feets?' I do, Jadis honey, and very beautiful they are too.

As the kittens become more agile, they are starting to do unmistakeably 'cat' things. Such as curling into a ball nose to tail to sleep, although they prefer to snooze in a bundle with their siblings. And washing... I've seen quite a few experimental licks going on over the last few days. And then they have started rolling on their backs to express contentment and relaxation, as Jadis is doing here. Awww! 

Like human babies, they have discovered their feet. Also like human babies, they have discovered feet, like hands, can be used to thwap things with, namely one's Mama and siblings. Of course they don't have the co-ordination to be especially accurate yet, but it is very cute.

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And speaking of feet, I really like this pic of Lucy standing by Indigo's foot... don't know why, just do!

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