Monday, 20 January 2014


As mentioned a few posts ago, the kittens are mostly now starting to show an interest in solid food.
So far, all the kittens but Susan have tried solids. Caspian was first, followed by Lucy and Digory, Aravis and Jadis joined in the next day but neither are too bothered about it. Jewel has had a lick or two but then loses interest and Susan would rather be tortured on the rack, if you believe her screams when placed near the plate!

I love the squeals they make when eating!

Both the boys have tried kibble too, in fact Caspian has his own method here...

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Only you, Caspian...

Stats time!

Birth: 84g
1 week:186g
2 weeks:264g
3 weeks: 333g
4 weeks: 419g
1 week:151g
2 weeks: 227g
3 weeks: 286g
4 weeks: 353g
1 week:185g
2 weeks:272g
3 weeks: 337g
4 weeks: 400g
1 week:171g
2 weeks: 263g
3 weeks: 327g
4 weeks: 420g
Birth: 84g
1 week:177g
2 weeks:248g
3 weeks: 322g
4 weeks: 404g
Birth: 90g
1 week:184g
2 weeks: 279g
3 weeks: 366g
4 weeks: 444g
Birth: 80g
1 week: 163g
2 weeks: 237g
3 weeks: 293g
4 weeks: 340g

Weight order heaviest to lightest:
Birth: Susan, Jadis, Digory and Aravis, Lucy, (Polly), Jewel, Caspian
1 week: Digory, Jadis, Susan, Aravis, Lucy, Jewel, Caspian
2 weeks: Susan, Jadis, Digory, Lucy, Aravis, Jewel, Caspian
3 weeks: Susan, Jadis, Digory, Lucy, Aravis, Jewel, Caspian
4 weeks: Susan, Lucy, Digory, Aravis, Jadis, Caspian, Jewel
Comparison by litter:
REM litter 83g-103g. Average 92g
Von Trapp litter 81g-102g. Average 91g
Narnian litter 72-90g. Average 83g
1 week
REM litter 182g-217g Average 195g
Von Trapp litter 150g- 205g. Average 175g
Narnian litter:151-186g. Average 174g

2 weeks
REM litter 257g-294g, Average 272g
Von Trapp litter 220g- 280g, Average 240g
Narnian litter 227g-279g. Average 256g

3 weeks

REM litter  338g-390g. Average 359g.
Von Trapp litter 250g- 341g. Average 286g.
Narnian litter 286g-366g. Average 323g

4 weeks

REM litter 437g-524g. Average 466g
Von Trapp litter 325g-448g. Average 365g
Narnian litter: 340-444g. Average 397g

It's all change this week. Caspian is no longer the smallest. I wonder if, when Jewel decides solid food is for her, she'll take over her brother again, or whether Little Scrap is little no more? You can definitely tell who is most into their solids. Milk-only-thanks Susan is still the biggest, but not by quite so much, and now Lucy, who is a big solids eater is second, weight wise.

It's odd to think my biggest Narnian is almost the same size as my smallest REM. Hope seemed so tiny, and Susan so very big and sturdy (she is, she's a lovely kitten) But when I look at the chart I see my Narnians are average sized kittens (here) pretty much spot on actually. I don't think I had appreciated just how big my REM's were. I thought they were normal!  I wish I could go back and tell my new-breeder self to stop worrying about Hope, she was a perfectly good size, bang on average if not slightly bigger than average... it's just her brothers were giants!!

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