Friday, 24 January 2014


Sorry about yesterday's lack of post. No reason, Theo is fine, kittens are fine... but with one thing and another I was just exhausted and got very little of anything done!

Anyway, take a look at this handsome chap:

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That's Digory! Isn't he getting to be a good looking boy? More importantly he's friendly and playful too. Four of them (Digory, Caspian, Jadis and Jewel) will squeal and rush over whenever I come in the kitten room, which is most gratifying, I must say! I did try to get a video last night but the lighting was bad and it came out really dark. It's really nice though. The other three are more reserved and will come over after some consideration, but those four will always rush up for cuddles.

Digory is doing well on the litter box too, although he hasn't quite got his co-ordination sorted yet. Yesterday he managed to tread in his doings and track stinky footprints all over his bed! Usually this would require a wash in the sink but I've been using Water Wipes (like baby wipes but without the chemicals) and they've been working a treat.

He's an adventurer and I suspect he may be a shoulder- rider when he is bigger. He likes to play-fight with Mama, who is just rough enough to let him know who's boss. But after all that, he liked to snuggle and be petted. And he has an awesome name. My mother chose the Narnia theme this time, and I have to admit the name Digory for a kitten was what ultimately sold me on the idea!!!

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