Friday, 3 January 2014

The Wicked Witch

That would be me. The kittens have their eyes open now, and their ears are unsealing... suddenly they can not only smell, but SEE and HEAR humans... and they don't like it! The other day several of them developed a new skill... the Ever So Scary Kitten Hiss, which earned them a most unwelcome cuddle from me, because really, so adorable!
Anyway, every morning, first thing, I come into the kitten room with extra yummy sachet kitten food for Inds, and while she is tucking in, I weigh the kittens. Well that is the idea anyway. Of course it doesn't always work! The kittens SCREAM at the top of their little lungs, and it is amazing how much noise they can actually make. This agitates Mama, and so she's fussing around, and trying to cart the kitten back to the nest, I'm trying to weigh it... well, yes. It is a bit of a farce anyway. When I'm done, all the kits are screeching and Mama has the job of settling them down again.
Before too long, the kittens natural curiosity and friendliness will overcome their fright, but for now, I am very much the wicked witch.
Oh great, you woke the babies. Thanks a bunch.
Anyway, this is our own White Witch, kitten no. 4, Jadis!
In the books, Jadis is the wicked queen who trapped Narnia into a hundred years' winter. Our Jadis isn't wicked at all of course, although I have a suspicion she might be occasionally naughty when she grows up a bit. After all, she is an Indikon kitten...
I believe Jadis is pronounced jAH-dis and not jAY-dis, but we don't stand on ceremony here and she will undoubtedly be shortened to Jade before too many weeks are up.

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