Sunday, 5 January 2014

A High Class Lady

This is Aravis!

Aravis is named after a character we meet in The Horse and his Boy. She is the daughter of nobility, about to be forced into marriage to a man she hates. She runs away, meeting a boy called Shasta on the way, who turns out to be a king.

Kitten no 6 is one of the paler kittens, so if this indicates anything at this stage, and it may not, I suspect she will be mink. It's hard to tell, they are all more or less the same colour anyway. Digory is the darkest, then Caspian, kitten 7 and kitten 8 are a middling-dark colour. Aravis and Jadis are a middle-light colour and then Lucy is the very lightest. Polly was the same colour as Lucy. It's odd to say the least having kittens that are all so similar... when they are all together I can generally pick out Lucy and Digory, and Caspian's tail gives him away, but that's it! Good thing they are all marked so I know who is who when weighing in.

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