Saturday, 18 January 2014


Ok, so I need to fill you in with what's been happening with Theo.

Theo has had another flare up and has been really poorly. He'd been sick a couple of times on Thursday, nothing too dramatic, and was obviously feeling uncomfortable. I have medicine for these flare ups, (antepsin) so was dosing him with that, and by the afternoon seemed to be much better.

Around teatime though, he took a turn for the worse. He started to retch, and couldn't stop, bringing up a large quantity of bloody fluid. It was awful, like something out of The Exorcist, truly. So I rushed him to the vet for an emergency appointment. By the time we got there, he was acting like he was just fiiiiiiiiiiine, sashaying around the room, rubbing up against the vet, etc, he is such a frustrating cat. Fortunately they are used to him by now, on examination it was evident his tummy was sore, and his temp was up as well, for all he was pretending otherwise.

So he had a painkiller, he had an anti nausea injection, he had more of the antepsin (which soothes the throat and stomach lining). He had an injection of fluid to deal with the dehydration, making a stiff lump on his shoulder. We went back to the vet Friday for a repeat of the same, and he wasn't allowed food inbetween (not that this bothered him, he isn't interested in eating as yet) I have meds at home now and have given him water via a syringe. He isn't eating or drinking voluntarily yet though andis obviously feeling pretty sorry for himself.  He is now properly hydrated though, so hopefully on the mend.

He has an antacid to go on his food for when he does decide to eat, and he has a blood sample at the lab. Remember last time when there was a slight anomaly with his blood potassium? This is a repeat test for that. if it is still elevated, this may point towards Addison's Disease. He'll need an adrenal challenge test to rule that out, and if it is, I expect we'll be going for that scan and cameras in his nether regions to have a look at what is going on up there.

Since the last flare up, he has regained some weight and had far fewer episodes so the simpler diet is obviously helping says the vet, as he had been losing weight, but there's obviously more to it. Although this episode could be related to the kitten food stealing episode earlier in the week? It's hard to say. The teenager and I are on our guard now... no Theo in the room when Mama and the babies are scoffing.

And yes, they are! I took in a plate of chicken last night for Mama, and little Caspian thought all his Christmasses had come at once. He made such a good meal his little tummy was quite distended! Lucy had a munch as well, and so did Digory, Aravis was interested but didn't actually get stuck in. I don't suppose it will be long though.

will have photos tomorrow.

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