Sunday, 8 January 2012


The first visit! The kittens were sleeping, draped over Mama when our visitors arrived, but when Gretl saw them, she hissed! Yes, hissed! Little minx! Which of course woke up the others and they all hissed too and Brigitta floofed up her tail (so cute) and they were Not Happy At All.

Liesl, totally glazed over, seconds before she fell asleep today

Marta, already there! Awwww!

Indigo just lay there though, totally unconcerned, and after a minute or two, the kittens calmed down and decided they didn't mind the visitors at all (which goes to show how important the mother's temperament is)... gazed at them dopily for a few minutes and all dropped back off to sleep again! They weren't at all interested in playing or running around, just snoozing.

Oh well, sleepy kittens are very nice to cuddle after all, and the kittens seemed very amenable to this activity (lol) so our visitors had a nice snuggle with the kittens that they decided to make theirs- Liesl and Marta. Hurrah! I know they will be very happy with these two lovely girls.

Thanks for your visit S and family, and for understanding about the hissing. Funny little kittens. I hope you'll come and visit the girls soon and see them in a more congenial mood! It's funny... our visit today saw them bouncing, playing and *gasp* taking themselves to the litter box on their own, totally at ease with our guests from the off. I guess they really were just tired the other day.

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