Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy Kitty



Have you ever seen a happier girl?

Brigitta has her home! She was visited today by R and friends, but I was fairly sure she'd charm them without much bother. And she did, she was gorgeous.

She's going to a home with a big sister cat, Matilda. Poor Matilda... her companion, Rudy, went missing last autumn. R suspects someone has been light fingered- Rudy is a striking animal, very handsome indeed. Poor Matilda has been pining dreadfully. Tonks as a rule do not like being without other feline companionship and she has been so stressed she's started pulling out her fur and crying when R leaves the house :( R is very much hoping a little sister will give Matilda a focus again and give her the companionship she's craving.

It will be good to hear how that goes along, Matilda is friendly and easygoing, apparently, and Brigitta (to be known as Coco, as in Coco Chanel) is a sociable little thing, so I'm confident it will be OK once they have adjusted to each other. I know Lisl adores her big brother Boo, and Alfie has a good relationship with his sister Paloma so there's a good precedent there from Indikon kittens!

That settles things for all my babies... which makes me very happy as well

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  1. I am so glad Brigitta has a home.... and we are sooo excited about Liesl and Marta coming to join our family. Loving the blog! Siobhan