Thursday, 12 January 2012

6 Weeks Old

(sorry about the colour- it was dark, the photo didn't come out and I had to tweak it. The colours are all wrong but you can at least see the kittens!)

As you can see from the weights this week, we've had a great improvement! Now that they are all well away on the solids they are piling on the grams, with no kitten gaining less than 100g over the course of the week and some gaining over 150g. They have three meals a day now, breakfast, dinner and tea, with kibble available 24 hours for snacks.   This will carry on until they leave, when you can drop it down to two wet food meals a day if you like, as long as biscuits are freely available. My cats get the wet food once a day and are entirely biscuit fed other than that, so it depends on what is going to suit your family.

Two meals are kitten food and one is chicken, but I shall be phasing out the chicken in a few weeks time- it's a great weaning food, but not terribly nutritious long term as it doesn't have the complete range of vitamins and minerals a cat needs. They do love it though!

and... *whispers*... toilet training is going much better! I thought they'd never get it, but they are now pretty reliable with poos and are no longer peeing on the cat tree since I put their food on there (that, incidentally, is quite a good trick- kittens do not want to eat in a lavatory so if they are going somewhere inappropriate, and you can't put a litter tray down there,  put their food dishes there instead) We're not 100%, but it's moving in the right direction, certainly. (Famous last words... this is where I find they've set up a toilet behind the sofa or somewhere...)


Birth 96g
1 week 172g
2 weeks 226g
3 weeks 250g
4 weeks 325g
5 weeks 420g
6 weeks 586g


Birth 101g
1 week 187g
2 weeks 239g
3 weeks 271g
4 weeks 349g
5 weeks 449g
6 weeks 630g


Birth 102g
1 week 205g
2 weeks 280g
3 weeks 341g
4 weeks 448g
5 weeks 570g
6 weeks 740g


Birth 82g
1 week 157g
2 weeks 219g
3 weeks 260g
4 weeks 334g
5 weeks 394g
6 weeks 530g- Louis has discovered kitten food isn't poison after all...


Birth 83g
1 week 179g
2 weeks 248g
3 weeks 301g
4 weeks 374g
5 weeks 497g
6 weeks 641g


Birth 91g
1 week 178g
2 weeks 249g
3 weeks 311g
4 weeks 389g
5 weeks 468g
6 weeks 603g


Birth 81g
1 week 150g
2 weeks 220g
3 weeks 269g
4 weeks 342g
5 weeks 402g
6 weeks 516g- Gretl is also now eating. Mama Indie is relieved! I am also relieved.


REM litter 83g-103g. Average 92g
Von Trapp litter 81g-102g. Average 91g

1 week
REM litter 182g-217g Average 195g
Von Trapp litter 150g- 205g. Average 175g

2 weeks

REM litter 257g-294g, Average 272g
Von Trapp litter 220g- 280g, Average 240g

3 weeks

REM litter  338g-390g. Average 359g.
Von Trapp litter 250g- 341g. Average 286g.

4 weeks

REM litter 437g-524g. Average 466g
Von Trapp litter 325g-448g. Average 365g

5 weeks

REM litter 539g-604g. Average 581g
Von Trapp litter 394g-570g. Average 457g.

6 weeks

REM litter 712g- 792g, Average 752g
Von Trapp litter  516g-740g, Average 606g

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